Tuesday, 26 October 2010

London Weekend

When I looked at my previous posts, it's quite interesting to see that around this time last year, we went up to London for a show and spent a nice foody weekend up there.

For months, Fely and I have been planning our trip to the Stitch and Knit Show at the Alexandra Palace in London and it finally took place three weeks ago (Yes, I know... I am a bit slow these days)

We (Steve and I) thought that it would be nice to also take the opportunity to spend sometime in London, watch a show and eat some nice food. So we went up to London the day before and Steve's brother kindly arranged and bought us tickets to a show in London, Avenue Q as a belated birthday present for me and it was entertaining, light and quite funny. I wouldn't say that it was of the same standard and quality as The Lion King, but for a two-hour entertainment, they didn't do a bad job. Singing and dancing muppets - can't go wrong with that. After the show, we were treated to a really posh Italian restaurant meal in which I enjoyed a really nice Fresh crab Fedelini and got to taste Steve's Seafood Stew as well.

Because I was having my foot problem, we couldn't walk very much and I felt quite guilty most of the times for wanting to take the easiest form of transport which requires the minimum amount of walking. Worst of all, after the meal I insisted that we took a cab back to Steve's brother's place.

The next day, Fely and I had a scrumptious meal of dim sum at Leicester Square before heading to the show. Due to maintenance work at tube stations, it took us FOREVER just to get to the show but when we finally got there, it was all worth the effort and we were hypnotized and mesmerized by the multitude of gorgeous and wonderful things surrounding us. The only regret we had was that there wasn't enough time to spend together at the show because Steve was waiting to take me home after the show, I didn't really want to let him wait for too long and I had to leave quite early, leaving Fely behind at the show (which thankfully she didn't mind too much because she got to 'play' with a sewing machine).  All in all, a fantastic and wonderful weekend spent in London, watching a show, having lovely food and catching up with my dear, dear friend.

As usual a weekend in London is not complete without some nice pictures to show you. So I'll let these pictures tell you the story.

I got told off after taking this picture as there was NO PHOTOGRAPHY allowed in the theatre (the lady screamed). To be fair, I didn't see a sign and also the show hasn't even started yet !!
 After the show, we went for cocktails and Steve ordered something with passionfruit and it came out in flame.
While waiting for Fely outside the Four Season's restaurant in China Town at 10am, I took this unusually quiet and chaos-free scene of China Town.
 The happy lady.
Looking demure with her Chinese tea trying to pick a dish to order.
Pork puff. Yum...
 Roast pork Cheong Fun.
 Chicken's feet, of course.
 Siu Mai.
 As much as we would have loved to, we didn't stay all day at the dim sum place and we moved on to the show. I didn't take many pictures of the show as you can imagine that the last thing I wanted to be doing was taking pictures and not properly utilizing every minute I had there.
The gorgeous Amy Butler corner.

There you go, hope you've enjoyed looking at a few pictures from my lovely weekend.

Friday, 1 October 2010

My Spanish Getaway...Part II

So in the previous post I told you that I tumbled down the stairs and became half crippled... And Eugene specifically requested for some pictures so I thought it'd be interesting to share some of the pictures I took while I was 'trapped' in the flat. These must be classified as the most unconventional holiday pictures, ever...
The ceiling lamp in the flat, obviously. Taken while waiting for Steve to come home with our mahoosive jacket potato.
The dining area and our very small telly.
 A lizard on the roof of the apartment opposite the balcony. Is it real?
 Testing out the 'Foliage' mode on my camera.
 Waiting for Steve to get home from shopping for groceries.
 Still waiting for Steve...
 View from the balcony...
 Book that Steve was reading...

You must forgive the randomness of this series of pictures... I was trapped in the flat with no immediate prospect of going out and I was getting extremely boredddd and restless....

By the end of the second day being trapped in the flat, I said to myself, enough was enough!! I was getting more and more desperate. That was when I decided to take a couple of Ibuprofen pills and braved it down 4 floors of staircase just so I could get out and have some fresh air. Steve was of course a bit worried about that because imagine if I couldn't make it back up the stairs on my own,  I'll have to piggy-back ride on him upstairs !!! Wouldn't you be scared at the thought of that?

Anyway, it turned out that I made the right decision as it became easier and easier with each step and we also made sure that we had plenty of stops to rest my poor foot.

And after grabbing some food stuff from the supermarket, I managed to make my way slowly up the stairs and from then, our holiday resumed its course and we were out and about every day.

In the next post, I shall share with you a few more pictures we took here and there, during our travels.