Friday, 22 January 2010

Friday morning...

This morning finally I can drive my car to work.

The MOT, which is the mandatory yearly health test for the car had run out before I realised it so I have been taking the bus to work and have since booked myself and Fuzzer in for an appointment this afternoon so legally, I am allowed to drive it today.

So as I was pulling into a parking space at the Uni car park, I noticed a sticker on my right wing mirror... how I did not see it earlier while driving was beyond me... honest to god I do check my wing mirrors when I drive...

Anyway, back to this sticker... so when I spotted the sticker I was slightly annoyed as I know that it must be the work of one of the kids who were walking to the school just down the road from where I live.. sometimes I get some 'colourful' comments and thoughts scrawled on the windows of the car, especially when it's been a frosty night and the car windscreen and windows become a great canvas for their imaginative minds...

So this pink sticker looks like an ordinary sticker.... but upon close inspection of what it says I couldn't help myself but burst out laughing, and subsequently took a picture of it...

Can you see it?

For those of you who are slightly optically challenged, it says "The future Mrs. Pattinson"....and the writing is surrounded with lots of pink hearts...

Muahahahaha... who ever stuck the sticker there must have thought very highly of moi...

Those who are avid fans of the great Twilight Saga by Stephanie Meyer would know who Robert Pattinson aka Edward Cullen is and also they would know that he is absolutely D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S. and gorgeous !!!

To be branded "The future Mrs. Pattinson"???!!!!!

Must be my lucky day!!! The sticker can stay there for a while I think...

Have a fantastic and restful weekend and hope to see you soon.

Monday, 18 January 2010

That mother of two really puts me to shame...

Right, I guess I'd better buckle up and start writing a new entry.

Write about what though? I really admire Fely and her ability to constantly update her blogs with interesting feeds and pictures. Quite often I will start writing a blog and then abandon it halfway through because it just doesn't sound interesting enough.

I don't really want to bore you with my daily routine of waking up at 7.30am, getting to work for 9am, finishing work at 5pm, getting to evening work for 6pm, finishing evening work at 10pm, getting home at 10.30pm, shower, a bit of internet surfing before going to bed at 11.30pm. Surely you  must be yawning by now?

Well, the one thing new this week is that I am now having to take the bus to work again... mainly because I have completely forgotten that the car MOT has expired and by the time I remembered (I didn't actually remember, the other half did :P) I had been driving the car illegally for a whole week without realizing it. So I have booked in for Friday to get it done, so hopefully by next week I shall be on the road again with Lil Fuzzer, after a clean 'health bill' that doesn't require too much money to repair :P

It's strange how we get used to life's conveniences...

Before the age of Mobile, we were fine and each time we left the house, we only needed the house keys and money. These days leaving the house without my mobile makes me feel as if I've gone out of the house naked. But I know one person who cannot be bothered as to whether he has his mobile with him and that would be Steve. Everytime I ask him, where's your mobile, the answer is to be expected -- Don't know, really.

Another one is my car... for most of the 4 years I have been in the UK, I was without a car and I was fine, relying on other people's kindness to drive me around and if I can't get that, taking the bus was the next best thing...

This morning, knowing that I had to catch the bus to work has really put me in a grumpy mood. Walking to the bus stop, standing at the bus stop waiting for the bus and walking from the bus stop from outside the university to my building seemed like such an enormous effort.

It just goes to show that human beings can be conditioned to become lazy so easily. When we were in secondary school, having a bicycle to cyle to school seemed like such a luxury !! Remember those good ol days?!

Sometimes, I think it's good to bring ourselves back to basic, and to look at life from a simplistic point of view. That is how you achieve contentment. Cliche but very true.

ANyway, I am rambling on and on now and I guess that's my cue to stop.

Till the next entry, take good care of yourself and smile always :)

Thursday, 7 January 2010

On coming home in one piece.

For weeks leading to Christmas and new year, I have been fretting endlessly that somebody in the family might break a bone before the end of the year 2009.

We were booked on a skiing trip to celebrate the New Year in Andorra, a beautiful country wedged between France and Spain.

Instead of looking forward to the holiday and to skiing for the first time in my life, I found myself worrying about every possible aspect there is to worry about, the dog, the danger of the sport, packing, timing to the airport...... yada yada yada.

So Christmas was celebrated with Steve's family with lots of lovely, lovely food, fantastic pressies and lazy Christmas telly. And before bedtime, there was a frenzy of packing and getting all the travel documents ready and making sure the weather condition was fine for us to drive up north to catch our flight to Girona.

Then came boxing day, and one by one, the 'to do list' was ticked accordingly.

::Take Sasha round to my colleague's so that she can be looked after while we were gone... CHECK

::Collect rental car from the airport and get the luggage packed in...CHECK

::Getting luggage FINALLY packed with all the winter gear... CHECK

::Making sure we don't leave anything on in the house that might set the house on fire while we were gone....CHECK

And finally, at 12pm we were on our way to the East Midland Airport to catch our 7pm flight.

As soon as we landed in Girona at close to 11pm, our journey has not stopped. There we picked up another hired car, and Steve started driving, in the dark, in a foreign country, in very icy and cold condition, on the other side of the road, up the mountain, heading towards Arinsal in Andorra which was more than 3 hours away.

By the time we got to our destination, it was almost 4am and we were all tired and exhausted.

The next morning, in order to make our week-long skiing trip worthwhile, we were 'ushered' and 'herded' out of our rented accommodation like a bunch of moo-cows (against our will) as early as it was humanely possible by Steve's brother so that we would get started with buying our week-long ski pass, and renting our ski gear and securing a locker room... etc.

One precious lesson learnt was that skiing in itself was not at all tiring or physically demanding.... it was the pre-skiing 'rituals' that tire you out...
First you have to get yourself all nicely 'wrapped' up for the weather condition up at the mountain top.. which means, thermal vest, and then a ski-top, a fleece and then your ski jacket.... longjohn, and then your sellopads, and thermal socks, and hat and gloves and ski goggles and in some cases, a scarf.

Second, you walk to the ski lift, hop on the ski lift which will take you to the top where you proceed to your locker room to collect your ski gear.

Third, ski gear consists of a pair of 'Robocop' boots, which makes it extremely awkward and difficult to walk around in. And then with the ski boots on, you have to carry your skis and your poles on your shoulder.

Fourth, to make it more challenging, they have decided to put in lots and lots of slippery stairs made from metal leading from the locker, to the actual place where you can eventually start skiing.

So by the time we reached the top, and have our boots properly clipped on, I was sweaty, exhausted and was ready to put my feet up and call it a day.

The first day was difficult. Although we signed up for a lesson on that first day, the language barrier (instructor was Spanish so she, at one time referred to the toe as the 'finger'.. and she said 'to control your skis, you must know how to use your big finger....hmmm), exhaustion, tiredness and frustration took the better of me and the next day by lunch time I was ready to quit skiing.

But I'm glad I did not because after falling down countless times, and performing a rather impressive split going down hill backwards on my ski .... we learnt better and better control of the skis and were beginning to enjoy ourselves a little.

So up and down and up and down the travellator we went, familiarising ourselves on the skis down the nursery slope, along with children as young as 5, whizzing past us as they cruised downhill, effortless, fearless and carefree.

The difficulty level of the slopes range from the Nursery slope, to Green, Blue, Red and Black with Black being the most challenging, obviously. We took a couple more lessons after the first day (fortunately with someone who spoke better English and who did not refer to using the fingers to control your skis) and by the end of the skiing trip, Steve and I were both rather proud that we had managed to progress beyond the nursery slope and had gone up and come down the Blue and even a bit of the Red slope.

In summary, it was a really, really enjoyable first skiing trip for me and I can't wait to go again. Nevertheless, it is an expensive sport and money were spent on ski wear, ski lift pass, ski gear rental, locker room... and the list goes on...not to mention the cost of travelling involved. But it was absolutely great fun and I highly recommend it !!

This is moi in my full ski gear !!

*notice the specially requested pink skis?

And oh, if you click on the picture to enlarge it, see that man with the stripy black and purple jacket on the right in the background, looking at another man who has fallen on the ground? That's Steve's brother trying to help his 80-year-old dad to get back up on his skis. He's amazing. For two whole days he tried his very best to learn to ski and only on the last day, he eventually gave up and said it's not his cup of tea...

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

New Year, New Post.

Well, currently am in the office but not doing much work as there is a prediction of heavy snow and bad weather so everybody is on the edge of their seats waiting for it to happen and we've been waiting since morning, to be quite honest.

There is a possibility that the uni will be closed tomorrow depending on how severe the weather is going to be like at 6.30am tomorrow.

Naturally everybody is hoping that the weather will be bad but bad weather equals bad road conditions and that is never a good thing.

Anyhow, this is just a short entry before I put in a proper, proper new year entry because I don't really want my blog to be stuck at last Christmas.

Till we meet again, keep well and keep watching this space for a fresh new entry.