Monday, 18 January 2010

That mother of two really puts me to shame...

Right, I guess I'd better buckle up and start writing a new entry.

Write about what though? I really admire Fely and her ability to constantly update her blogs with interesting feeds and pictures. Quite often I will start writing a blog and then abandon it halfway through because it just doesn't sound interesting enough.

I don't really want to bore you with my daily routine of waking up at 7.30am, getting to work for 9am, finishing work at 5pm, getting to evening work for 6pm, finishing evening work at 10pm, getting home at 10.30pm, shower, a bit of internet surfing before going to bed at 11.30pm. Surely you  must be yawning by now?

Well, the one thing new this week is that I am now having to take the bus to work again... mainly because I have completely forgotten that the car MOT has expired and by the time I remembered (I didn't actually remember, the other half did :P) I had been driving the car illegally for a whole week without realizing it. So I have booked in for Friday to get it done, so hopefully by next week I shall be on the road again with Lil Fuzzer, after a clean 'health bill' that doesn't require too much money to repair :P

It's strange how we get used to life's conveniences...

Before the age of Mobile, we were fine and each time we left the house, we only needed the house keys and money. These days leaving the house without my mobile makes me feel as if I've gone out of the house naked. But I know one person who cannot be bothered as to whether he has his mobile with him and that would be Steve. Everytime I ask him, where's your mobile, the answer is to be expected -- Don't know, really.

Another one is my car... for most of the 4 years I have been in the UK, I was without a car and I was fine, relying on other people's kindness to drive me around and if I can't get that, taking the bus was the next best thing...

This morning, knowing that I had to catch the bus to work has really put me in a grumpy mood. Walking to the bus stop, standing at the bus stop waiting for the bus and walking from the bus stop from outside the university to my building seemed like such an enormous effort.

It just goes to show that human beings can be conditioned to become lazy so easily. When we were in secondary school, having a bicycle to cyle to school seemed like such a luxury !! Remember those good ol days?!

Sometimes, I think it's good to bring ourselves back to basic, and to look at life from a simplistic point of view. That is how you achieve contentment. Cliche but very true.

ANyway, I am rambling on and on now and I guess that's my cue to stop.

Till the next entry, take good care of yourself and smile always :)


SJB said...

We all became lazy and lazy too :D

Fely said...

Yeahhhhhhh!!! An entry!! This is a very interesting topic. I know what you mean by the need to have a lot of these modern conveniences with you, otherwise you'll feel incomolete. Funny thing is, wait till you have kids. They just add to the list of things to bring, nappy, wipes, dummy, extra toy bla bla bla. You go out without them, you'd be in absolute agony throughout the journey, be it a long or a short one.
Never mind. Kalau already biasa, you don't think so much about it in the end. It becomes a norm.

Audrey Wiles said...

you worry too much babe... just enjoy life. stop to smell the roses and see the shapes in the clouds before they pass you by.... ;-) hugs for u this new year!

reanaclaire said...

hi..coming by via eugene's blog.. i guess blogging is about our daily life..boring or not, it is something reflecting on how we have lived each day..regardless of happy or sad moments..

PengPeng彬彬 said...

claire, i totally agree with you but i have a memory like a sieve ... anything interesting that happens in the day would have slipped my mind by night time when i sit down to try and write my blog entry :)

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