Monday, 11 April 2011

A weekend of Summer

Before I start to tell you all about what's happening lately, let me just give you 5 very good reasons why you SHOULD NOT buy an iPad.

 1. It is an absolute time waster.

You wake up in the mornings and you lay in bed reading news, RSS feeds and Facebooking. Before you know it, it's time to get dressed and you realise you're going to be late to work and you end up rushing through breakfast which in the long run is not healthy for the digestive system.

2. If you used to have other hobbies, you can forget about them.

I don't know about you but I used to have loads of hobbies and enjoy sewing, doing crochet and knitting. Before the iPad Age, I've been making pretty purses and have other pretty projects in mind, not to mention I promised my Mum I would make her a handbag for Mother's Day (it's May in Malaysia). So I've been thinking about the design and the pattern for a while and then I decided that getting an iPad would make it easier because I can then sketch out my design and work out the pattern and take notes anytime and anywhere I feel like it.
BIG MISTAKE. I have been procrastinating the making of the bag for so long I have stopped feeling guilty. But mind you, I did try to attempt it last week. Day 1, I drew some lines onto a piece of paper, before I caved in and continued playing my game on the iPad. Day 2, I researched for pictures of some bags on the iPad and had 5 minutes of thinking about, before I conveniently switched over to the Games App and continued with my game. Day 3, what bag?

3. Your partner will complain that he's lost you to the iPad

Yup. Poor Steve. He jokingly complains to his friends that he's lost me to the iPad. When you are busy killing aliens who are trying to steal your sheep, really, you don't want to be interrupted !!

Before you judge me, yes, I do share my iPad. Steve has a go on the iPad too, occasionally, when he can tear it off my hands.

4. You are turned into a free app cheapskate

Yup, I check the free-app-a-day website everyday and install anything that is free even if it was an app to help children to learn to tell time. So you end up with loads and loads of junk apps on your iPad which you will then waste more time sorting through and deleting.

5. It gives you the delusion that your life depends on it.

These days, I do a lot of things on the iPad. I read the news on it, I facebook on it, I record my work daily tasks on it, I bury my face in it during my lunch break at work, I finish work at 5pm and can't wait to get home and spend my free time on it, I have stopped sewing because of it, I bury my face in it during and after each meal times, I have stopped concentrating on the TV programmes because of it .... and NO, I do not have an addiction issue. I AM NOT OBSESSED WITH THE IPAD. I AM NOT ....

I am just waiting for the novelty of it to die down slightly, and then I'll be back on planet earth and will be able to resume my normal, ordinary life. For the time being, honestly, I know I wrote the list above, but I didn't mean any of it (my dear iPad please don't be mad with me).... LIKE I SAID, I DO NOT HAVE AN OBSESSION ISSUE !!! 

Anyway, lest you think that I have turned into a complete iPad-loony, I do have some pictures and stories to share with you and no, they are non-iPad related.

I went to York two weeks ago and visited a really dear friend of mine and had a totally relaxing foody and girly break. A few pictures just to show you what I mean.

Curry noodles, nice and spicy
                             .                                        Had my hair curled.

We had our picture taken at the trainstation before I had to board the train home. Hopefully we'll be able to do this again soon... Thank you Bea for the lovely and fabulous time I had in York.

It was an absolutely lovely and beautiful weekend just gone and Steve and I had a lovely time sitting in the garden, having a cheese, biscuit and salad picnic in the garden, going for a walk on the beach, and cooking nice food.

Last but not least, I have been to the salon and got myself a new look. It's a crappy picture taken in the toilet at work but you get the idea. My long straight hair is now slightly wavy and curly, something which I've always wanted to experience. And I quite like it.
What do you think?