Friday, 12 August 2011

I'm back!!!

Yesss, back to my old self and feeling chirpier, relaxed and creative again!

And the best thing is, after months of a sewing lull, I'm slowing getting back into it again and it feels great. The bag that I promised a friend to make is coming along nicely and hopefully not long after this i shall be able to post some pictures to show you.

So what's been happening lately in my life? I guess one of the many highlights is that a really dear friend from Miri visited last week and we spent a great few days just catching up, relaxing and enjoying good food. Among some of the lovely Malaysian food that she brought along with her was durian cake, much missed by yours truly, a variety of sambal, dried prawn crackers, dried sotong and many, many more! I was overwhelmed, to say the least!

Another highlight was probably the fact that after 18 long months I've finally reached the stage where I was eligible for a phone upgrade and I went for a BlackBerry Torch. At first I wasn't sure about it, mainly because it was another 24 month contract and I wasn't sure if I wanted to get tied down to such a long contract but seeing that the trial period of 14 days to return the phone is coming up to an end very soon, I guess i'm kind of stuck with it now, aren't I! Oh well...I like the phone anyway...let's hope I'll still like it 12 months later... Gulp!

The recent rioting in England has raised many questions in terms of parenting skills, the irresponsible young generation and how easy it is for a group of yobs to go on a rampage for days before things got under control. It's also interesting to see various intellectuals with their theories behind the causes for the series of violence across the country... Among some possible causes mentioned were jobless and frustrated youths; senselessness; and gangsterism. But now it's emerged that some of the offenders charged consisted of a teaching assistant, a University student and a young mother, none of whom were, jobless, senseless nor a gangster!

I shook my head in disbelief as I watched clips of interview on the street where these offenders spoke openly and 'righteously' of their intention to continue looting and demonstrating violence until they are caught! I have run out of items of vocabulary to describe this surreal unfortunate incident. Only one word comes to mind - UNBELIEVABLE.

On that note, I'm declaring myself tired and sleepy and I'm off to bed. Hopefully when I see you next i'll be able to share pictures of my latest project!

Ps: T.G.I.F

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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Guilt sucks...

It's been officially one month since I started my new job and I'm still coping...

Took me one week just to get my head round the structure of the job and what it entails...

Then it was another week setting up meetings and getting to know various important people who i'll be working closely with...

I spent the third week trying to understand and memorise acronyms and technical jargons - PQQ, ITT, CEQLW, COMPRE, DDRE, CRE, T&C ... I know, you tell me...

Then last week I had a minor surgery at the hospital and am now still recovering from the effect of anaesthetic...

So overall, a full-on month... Which is also a month riddled with a sense of guilt... I haven't been doing much sewing and i know I promised a friend I would make a pretty nappy bag for her and until today I still haven't managed to deliver... You know who you are...please be patient and I promise I'll finish your lovely bag before your beautiful little girl turns 18!!

Summer has started but Steve and I still haven't managed to go for a swim in the sea... The weather though has been great, was perhaps not warm enough yet (I'm such a whooz) ...hopefully the weather will properly pick up soon and we can go for an after work swim like we did a few times last year... So refreshing and relaxing...

Okay, I'm going to bed...another intense day at the office tomorrow, trying to unravel more mysteries through reading contracts, emails and agreement forms! Exciting stuff!!! On the plus side, most of my new colleagues are helpful and nice, which makes thing a lot easier...

Good night.

Thursday, 16 June 2011


So it's a bit strange right now. I've been waiting for this moment for quite sometime. And when you've been in such anticipation for something to take place, quite often the reality of it is somehow quite different from what you've imagined.

I've always known that i'll miss sitting opposite DSC, but I didn't expect to feel....lonely. In my previous job, there is me, DSC sitting opposite me, and my boss in her room but still near enough to shout for me, asking me what the date was. So when I found out I was moving to a bigger department with a much bigger group of colleagues, I was ecstatic. I said to DSC, finally a chance to mingle in a REAL office environment, with more than 3 people in the office. I was so wrong. In a much, much bigger office, everybody minds their own business and you feel more lonely than ever, especially if you're new and everything seemed so unfamiliar. I told DSC today that I felt like Joey in 'Friends' when he moved out temporarily from Chandler's apartment on his own. Lonely, 'office' sick and lost. DSC assured me that things will get better through time but we'll see. The highlight of the day is DSC bringing me my favourite chocolate - kinder bueno with White chocolate. I was almost reduced to tears by the kind gesture. The only consolation in this is that I've only moved to the office next door so I still get to see DSC, which is comforting. But the downside is when the old boss couldn't find the marker pens in the stationery cupboard, she decides to go to your new office instead of sending you an email about it, or look more closely in the cupboard.

Anyway, tomorrow is another training day so I'd better go to bed now. Good night.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Blessing in disguise

I am utterly and completely in love with the new toy that I've recently acquired. It happened like this: it was last Wednesday; I was working really hard to finish off a birthday present for a dear friend on the sewing machine, and I could see the end coming near. Then my sewing machine had other plans and decided to stop working! Needless to say, I was feeling absolutely frustrated by it!!! So I rang up the company I bought it from just to be told that the whole of their service department is shut till end of June!! Alas! One whole month without sewing? So, being the way I am, I've decided that the solution to my problem, is to get another machine while I wait till the end of the month to send my machine to be repaired. Drastic but absolutely necessary.

It was almost love at first sight. Although being sensible, I did originally purchase a much, much cheaper reconditioned New Home sewing machine just to find that I was struggling with it every five minutes so I had to take it back the next day. It was destined, the union between me and my beloved.

Although I did make an effort to start looking at other new machines that were a lot cheaper than my beloved, my mind and attention kept drifting back to 'the one'.

To be honest, even if the salesman had been speaking Russian, I would have bought it, regardless. Steve calls me 'every salesman's wet dream'. But to be fair, just so you don't think that I'm a complete loony, the salesman made his sales with two things - all original packaging, manuals and accessories that came with the machine were still there, even with the free thread that came with it. Pretty amazing! Also, if it turns out that I wasn't coping well with the machine, I can take it back to the shop(when I made that request, the salesman said confidently - Trust me, you wont bring this back to us!) So away we went, 15 minutes later, me lugging the big brick of the machine back to my car and i was grinning from ear to ear. When I said all original packaging, I really meant all ORIGINAL packaging. Check this out!

Can you see the label? I find it so fascinating! So out comes the machine in its hard case.

The first glimpse of my beloved. By now, you can probably see that it's the famous Bernina. But this is not just any Bernina! Let's see more pictures.

Side view of the case. Are you as excited as I am?

I read up extensively about this range and knew that this 'cord' that keeps the box shut is most commonly missing so I made sure that it was there.

Tada!! Open sesame! I love how the power cable coils around the back. And you can just about see the extension table clipped on the inside of the case.

Yup, it's a Bernina 900 Nova from the 80's! And I L.O.V.E it!

I especially love this. See the flower symbol? How cute is that?

Handy drawer at the bottom of the case.

How cute is that?! I just had to have it! And this vintage baby, is a solid metal beauty!!

All original accessories in tact. The gap is of course the presser foot that's attached to the machine.

I'm already thinking about expending this. The best thing is, although the machine's no longer being manufactured, I can still get the parts online.

Full set of tools. Including even the tube of oil at the end slot.

For a spare and reconditioned machine, it wasn't cheap. And I've probably paid over the odds too. That night, I didn't get to 'testdrive' it as we were heading to Taunton for a wedding, so I had to wait an agonising two days before I could get my hands on it. And when I finally had chance to try it, I knew then, that I had made the right decision... It was a dream, sewing on it. I mean my Husqvarna Viking 203 isn't bad at all, but this vintage Bernina Nova 900 was, different.

So I managed to finish the project in no time at all. The stitch quality was superb; and it was in every way, perfect! Although the machine was almost 30 years old, it didn't feel like that at all.

Upon seeing how excited I was by the Bernina, Steve planted an evil seed in my mind - get my Husqvarna Viking fixed, and then trade that in for a new, modern Bernina! To that I replied, but the new ones are so expensive!! But deep down, I'm mulling over the possibility...

Dangerous! I think i'll let me bank account recover first, and then i'll probably think about it. For the time being, I'm still smitten with my new love...(forgive my disloyalty my dear Husqvarna Viking)...

Friday, 20 May 2011


As I was reading through my previous blog posts I really had a good time reminiscing about past events. And I felt really good that I had kept a blog and that I had religiously documented significant events which took place in the past. Reading through my own blog posts, I was brought back in time and relived those moments. It felt just great and that made me more determined than ever to keep my blog updated. I know I've been neglecting my blog for a while and also my recent blog posts were mostly about sewing projects. I think I shall try and change that from now on.

One major event which is worth mentioning is that after two years and three months being in the department where I am working right now, I shall be moving on to another department next month. I just can't wait. I think after two years and two months, I am eager and ready for a new set of challenges. My mind is yearning for more knowledge, to learn new skills. In the past few months, many vacancies have come up within the University and I have applied for a few but in the current state of economy, competition for jobs is fierce and I was told that for one of the previous jobs that I had applied for, they have had over 130 applications!! So when this recent job vacancy came up and was only open to internal staff, I was hopeful. I took a lot of care and a long time preparing my application; speaking to the right people within the department to find out as much as I could about the job role; reading up extensively about the deparment, and after checking my applications for more than a hundred times, I clicked the 'Send' button and ever since then, my heart was in my  mouth. Luckily, a few days after submitting the application, I went on a week-long holiday to Rhodes Island and that sort of took my mind off it a bit, until my mobile rang while I was on holiday. Three days into my holiday, I received a telephone call, inviting me for an interview for the job the following week. And can you imagine the state of my mind for the entire time after that? I started preparing myself mentally for the interview. And the couple of days leading to the interview, I started practising on my own; checking out tips for interview online; and rehearsing answers to possible interview questions in my head over and over and over again. Although in the end, none of the questions that I had prepared for came up during the interview, I think the preparations helped calm my nerves and I was able to feel relaxed and confident before the interview. The entire interview process was daunting. I was given 5 different scenarios and had to explain how I would deal with each scenario and after that 5 people in the panel each asked me different sets of questions. I gave examples from my experience as best as I could but when I came out, I was angry with myself because in some cases I had given the worst kind of examples that you could think of. And then the awful waiting began. We were told that we would be informed the following week. And it was only the middle of the week when the interview took place. How was I going to survive till the following week? All the speculating, the not knowing, the anticipation?! Well, I did survive, barely. I was in a constant turmoil all weekend, playing the interview in my head over and over and over again.

I think I did well?

No, I think it was a flop.

No, I think I did okay, they were impressed. 

No, I did not really answer some questions correctly.

And then Monday came, and eventually at around lunch time, I received the good news. I have been offered a job with the Centre. And the relief just washed over me. I was happy, I was relieved and I was nervous. Nervous about telling my current manager. And because she was working out of the office for a few days, that presented me with the greatest means of informing her -- through the great email. Not the best way to tell her, but it had to be done, and it had to be done quick so that I don't delay giving in my notice and hence delaying the start date of my new role.

So now, three more weeks before I move to my new department and I am now writing 'handover handy tips' and it made it realise how far I have come at this current role. When I first started, I knew nothing. What a learning process it has been, these past two years. From organising a Conference, to editing the Centre's newsletter, to facilitating a workshop on my own to having to step in as the Finance administrator... and many other things. And I have no doubt that when I step into my new role, more learning of new skills and knowledge will take place and I am really excited by that prospect. It is cliche but true. Learning is a lifelong process and I couldn't agree more. As humans, we thrive on learning new skills, getting to know new people, visiting new places, gaining new experiences, trying new things, and buying new gadgets (hehe). As myself, I thrive on enhancing my existing skills, gaining more experience, and learning new sewing techniques and making different lovely projects.

It is Friday today, the best day of the week and this weekend, we are off to Frimley to have an early celebration of Steve's birthday. So roll on 4.30pm I think so that my proper weekend can begin. Have a great weekend you lovely people and to end my post, let me show you a pair of shoes I bought for my recent holiday and I love them.
Don't mind the socks. I know it's meant to be slip-ons but I still like to wear socks so that I don't end up smelling the shoes with my sweat.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Labour of Love

A few months back, Mum expressed her wish to have a handbag made for her. So I started sketching ideas and thinking of bag patterns. Then the iPad came along and everything ground to a halt and I thought I had plenty of time. Then I finally managed to get something started but half way through, I became quite unhappy with the bag I was making and decided to start afresh because it was really important that my mum will like the bag I've made for her. This time, I decided to try a pattern that I had bought online. And before I could start doing anything, I went on holiday and another week has gone before I could start picking the fabric and started cutting the bits and pieces needed to make the bag with. Step by step I followed the pattern and joined the fabric that I've cut, piece by piece. Although I would have loved to make my mum's bag from a pattern I had designed myself, I was pressed for time so using a pattern seemed a sensible idea. And using this pattern, I have really learned a lot from making this bag. It wasn't always plain sailing; there was frustration and there was satisfaction.

Finally, today I came really close to finishing it. Although I still have to put the lining of the bag in place, I couldn't wait any longer and decided to share the pictures of this near-finish bag.

With Steve's help, I chose oilcloth as the front and bag panels of the bag; and a plain, matching cotton fabric for the zip section. I wouldn't say this bag is perfectly made, but i am quite happy with the result so far. A few pictures to show you.
 Really didn't expect it to be quite so big.
 Before the straps got sewn on. You can see the instructions on the sewing table, and my 'best friend'.
A rather challenging step, piecing the front and bag panels together with the zippered section.

Can't wait to carry on with the project, finish the lining and send this bag off to my Mum. Bless her she's waited long enough.

In the meantime, I'm already thinking of more projects to embark upon. How exciting!

Monday, 11 April 2011

A weekend of Summer

Before I start to tell you all about what's happening lately, let me just give you 5 very good reasons why you SHOULD NOT buy an iPad.

 1. It is an absolute time waster.

You wake up in the mornings and you lay in bed reading news, RSS feeds and Facebooking. Before you know it, it's time to get dressed and you realise you're going to be late to work and you end up rushing through breakfast which in the long run is not healthy for the digestive system.

2. If you used to have other hobbies, you can forget about them.

I don't know about you but I used to have loads of hobbies and enjoy sewing, doing crochet and knitting. Before the iPad Age, I've been making pretty purses and have other pretty projects in mind, not to mention I promised my Mum I would make her a handbag for Mother's Day (it's May in Malaysia). So I've been thinking about the design and the pattern for a while and then I decided that getting an iPad would make it easier because I can then sketch out my design and work out the pattern and take notes anytime and anywhere I feel like it.
BIG MISTAKE. I have been procrastinating the making of the bag for so long I have stopped feeling guilty. But mind you, I did try to attempt it last week. Day 1, I drew some lines onto a piece of paper, before I caved in and continued playing my game on the iPad. Day 2, I researched for pictures of some bags on the iPad and had 5 minutes of thinking about, before I conveniently switched over to the Games App and continued with my game. Day 3, what bag?

3. Your partner will complain that he's lost you to the iPad

Yup. Poor Steve. He jokingly complains to his friends that he's lost me to the iPad. When you are busy killing aliens who are trying to steal your sheep, really, you don't want to be interrupted !!

Before you judge me, yes, I do share my iPad. Steve has a go on the iPad too, occasionally, when he can tear it off my hands.

4. You are turned into a free app cheapskate

Yup, I check the free-app-a-day website everyday and install anything that is free even if it was an app to help children to learn to tell time. So you end up with loads and loads of junk apps on your iPad which you will then waste more time sorting through and deleting.

5. It gives you the delusion that your life depends on it.

These days, I do a lot of things on the iPad. I read the news on it, I facebook on it, I record my work daily tasks on it, I bury my face in it during my lunch break at work, I finish work at 5pm and can't wait to get home and spend my free time on it, I have stopped sewing because of it, I bury my face in it during and after each meal times, I have stopped concentrating on the TV programmes because of it .... and NO, I do not have an addiction issue. I AM NOT OBSESSED WITH THE IPAD. I AM NOT ....

I am just waiting for the novelty of it to die down slightly, and then I'll be back on planet earth and will be able to resume my normal, ordinary life. For the time being, honestly, I know I wrote the list above, but I didn't mean any of it (my dear iPad please don't be mad with me).... LIKE I SAID, I DO NOT HAVE AN OBSESSION ISSUE !!! 

Anyway, lest you think that I have turned into a complete iPad-loony, I do have some pictures and stories to share with you and no, they are non-iPad related.

I went to York two weeks ago and visited a really dear friend of mine and had a totally relaxing foody and girly break. A few pictures just to show you what I mean.

Curry noodles, nice and spicy
                             .                                        Had my hair curled.

We had our picture taken at the trainstation before I had to board the train home. Hopefully we'll be able to do this again soon... Thank you Bea for the lovely and fabulous time I had in York.

It was an absolutely lovely and beautiful weekend just gone and Steve and I had a lovely time sitting in the garden, having a cheese, biscuit and salad picnic in the garden, going for a walk on the beach, and cooking nice food.

Last but not least, I have been to the salon and got myself a new look. It's a crappy picture taken in the toilet at work but you get the idea. My long straight hair is now slightly wavy and curly, something which I've always wanted to experience. And I quite like it.
What do you think?

Sunday, 27 March 2011

It's time to get productive

Ever since I've made my very first oil cloth bag from my own pattern last year, I've not really made anything else with oil cloth so I thought since Beatrice has especially requested for a wallet as her birthday present, I have decided to use oil cloth to try and make it.

I must say I was quite pleased with the result although the colour scheme was not 'Spring' enough for her so I agreed to make another which was more colourful. Meanwhile, another friend of mine saw the wallet and wanted me to make and sell her one.

Although it wasn't a big sum of money, I still managed to get a certain kind of satisfaction from making a small amount of money from such an enjoyable and fulfilling hobby.

Next week i'll be heading off to York to visit Beatrice and I really look forward to it as we always have a great time together on our short get-togethers.

Meanwhile, I did manage to make another wallet for her which has a more Spring look to it.

Take a look at these pictures.

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Monday, 21 March 2011

Spring is in the air

I know that it has been a while since I updated my blog and without realising it, it is now March. How time flies. Flowers are blooming by the road side,the days are getting longer and the weather is becoming more and more pleasant!

I've been thinking about getting an iPad for a while but ever since moving into our new place, because we didn't have Internet connection I thought it was a bit of a waste. So I held out till last week.

By chance, and after three months of living in the new place, we found out that we could get Internet connection from Steve's office(at his dad's house, located at the back of our house) when we're upstairs in our bedroom!! So without much delay, I made the plunge and got myself an iPad. This is also partly because the new iPad 2 is coming out and they have brought down the price of the original iPad. And not only that, I managed to save some money by buying an Apple certified refurbished one, with 64GB memory, new outer case, new battery and the same warranty. Of course, to buy a refurbished item, you have to accept the fact that it's not brand new, it's been used and there might have been a problem with it at the first place and hopefully is now fixed. But since it is Apple certified and it comes with the same warranty, and so far, so good... I don't see any problems with buying a refurbished one because I'm really not fussed about it. And to think that it used to be well over 500pounds, I think I saved quite a bit of money on it. But if I was going home to Malaysia to visit my family any time soon, I would have waited till then because it is a lot cheaper in Malaysia. But I couldn't wait that long.

So now, when I go on a holiday, I know that I will be entertained for hours on the iPad because i had managed to download and purchase lots and lots of Chinese novels that i used to read when I was in secondary school; Japanese comics; free games and lots more! Of course I am also kind enough to share my new purchase with Steve so he occasionally gets a go on the iPad to play some games.

On another note, I can't wait for summer to come and when we can go on picnics, swimming in the sea, bike rides and have barbecues!


Just to share with you how I feel today!

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

A project long overdue

I was highly ambitious before X'mas last year in terms of my sewing projects. I was making plans to make this for so and so, make that for such and such person... And in the end, I've only managed to complete a pair of X'mas stockings for Steve and myself.

So now, almost one and a half months after X'mas, I'm playing catching up. Tonight, I started with a simple cushion cover for the foam pad that I had planned to give Don, Steve's dad as X'mas present. From beginning till the end, the project only took me less than half an hour and the result was satisfying.

I hope Don will be pleased with it when I give that to him this Sunday. But I think I won't mention that it was meant to be a X'mas present :)
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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Chinese New Year Eve

Today is Chinese New Year Eve and unfortunately I'm working. Come to think of it, even if I wasn't working, what would I be doing at home? Bumming on the couch in my PJ's watching/ flicking through some boring daytime telly. This is the time when I miss home and family the most. Listening to Chinese New Year songs on Youtube; reading blogposts from others about CNY preparations; talking on the phone to mum and listening to her tell me about her preparations -- always makes me feel a bit sad and nostalgic. This year(as with two or three previous years), due to poor planning, I wasn't able to make it home to celebrate CNY with the family. I am determined that next year, I will book my tickets early so that I can be home for Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year is not complete without all your family  members around you. And I do feel guilty come this time of year, knowing that my family will be missing me, yet again, during their reunion dinner. So having to work today really sucks, and not only that, I am working till 10pm tonight, so tripple S.U.C.K.S !!! But luckily, one of my colleagues from my evening shift is kind enough to cover for me tomorrow night so at least I can do something special then in the evening just as a small mark of celebration to usher in this year of the cute bunny rabbit.

Anyhoooo, let's move on and I shall show you in a picture sequence of what has been happening lately. I know, I know, didn't I mention at the beginning that I will put in a bit more effort in updating my blog and so far that hasn't yet materialised. You  must forgive me as ever since we've moved to the new place, we have not had the internet so that has made things a bit tricky, especially in terms of blogging after work. But, today being Chinese New Year Eve, I am in the mood to update my blog, for some strange reason.

Last year, Travelodge was doing some great deals on their room rate and one can get a room for as low as £9 per night so we booked three weekends away to three different places that we've always wanted to visit but never got round to because ordinarily it's too expensive. So the weekend before last, it was a weekend away to Brighton and we only paid 12.50 per night, for a room in the heart of the Brighton City Centre and it was brilliant. We explored the famous and cultural North Laines, went for drinks at the pub, and of course had an excellent Indian lunch at the famous Chilli Pickle restaurant and it was absolutely mind-blowing. Some pictures to show you.
Steve ordered the chicken curry dosa and it came looking like two gigantic horns on a plate and it was delicious and authentic.
I ordered fish curry thali which came with rice, dal, pickle and bread. It was a bit too hot and spicy for me but the mixture of spices in the dishes were amazing. Not too over-powerful; just the right touch. 

We spent a considerable amount of time at the Amusement park at the pier mainly because Steve was determined to win me a teddy bear from the teddy bear clawing machines. And also I was addicted to the 'coin machine' and the phrase for the day was '10p more', '10p more'... ie, if I slot in another 10p, the machine will push the coins further to the edge so that more coins will drop out. Steve had to practically drag me out of the amusement centre so that I don't lose another 20 lot of '10p more'... here's a picture of Steve working hard at those teddy bear 'clawing' machines.
We didn't get the big teddy from this machine but Steve eventually managed to get me a smaller and cuter dog from another machine. And we both left the amusement park feeling smug and contented with me hugging the doggy to my chest and looking proud (great weekend huh? lol)

In my last post, I was excited about my latest sewing project and I can now reveal that it's a beanbag for the lounge and I can tell you I am very satisfied with it. 
This picture shows the inner and the outer bag before the big operation of white fluffy bean filling into the bag.
And here's the beanbag and it's really comfortable too. ps, note to self, must start making other things too. I haven't seen my sewing machine in ages.

On a seperate subject, I have been buying honey pomelos from Lidls and they only cost a pound and it's always juicy and lovely, although the last one was a bit too sharp for me so it's still sitting in the fridge.
Not many people know about this fruit in this country and people always shy away from things they are not familiar with. People love grapefruits and this is almost like a grapefruit, but three times bigger !! So if you see a honey pomelo when you're next in Lidls, get one, and follow my example to cut it open. It's juicy, tangy and sweet.

I am very lucky to have DSC working in the office. She often surprises me with lots of goodies.
Chocolate mice, that is.
How cute are they?!?!

Okay, this concludes my non-Chinese Chinese New Year Eve post and Gong Xi Fa Chai to all and wishing you a full year of health, wealth and happiness, just like the bunny.

Friday, 7 January 2011

New Year, New Post

7 days into the new year and my last post from last year is staring back at me, almost with a fed-up expression, demanding to know when I will finally get into gear to write a brand spanking new entry for the new year.

This working week started on Tuesday, so really it was only a 4-day-week, but it felt like it's been dragging on for dayssss and I am glad that it is finally Friday today and all my muscles are beginning to loosen themselves and my 'relax' mode is about to kick in, in a few hours' time. 

Sometimes it is a challenge thinking of interesting and engaging topics to write about on the blog and at the moment, the 'fountain of ideas' in my head is as dry as the Sahara Desert.

I guess the highlight of the new year is us appreciating the new living space that we have right now. In the next post, I will put up some pictures of the house but at the moment because the weather is always so dark and gloomy I reckon any pictures taken will not look very nice at all. In the meantime, we are still collecting bits and pieces for the house to make it as nice as possible. Having said that, for reasons that I will not get into details right now, this shift is only temporary so we are trying not to go crazy with buying new things so that when we eventually have to move out, we won't have to face a new clutter, on top of the old one we already have. But I am determined not to worry about something that has yet to come and I will enjoy this moment to the maximum. It is really lovely to have my own sewing room although I haven't been in there for quite a while. However, that is all going to change soon because as I am composing this, my whole body and mind is trembling with excitement over a project that I can't wait to get started on as soon as the weekend begins!! And obviously more will be revealed about the project as the pictures of the finished project are unveiled in the next post, hopefully !!!

Oh and just a few pictures to share with you of our quiet but absolutely delicious New Year celebration at home. I love steamboat because it always reminds me of Chinese New Year with my family and also it's an excuse to prepare lots and lots of calorific fantastic array of seafood!!
 We made some siew mai for lunch on New Year's Eve.

 Firing up the gas stove to make sure that our steamboat experience will take place without a hitch.
And the selection of food that we had. We surprised ourselves by finishing quite a huge amount of it but still have enough leftovers for a quick noodle soup meal the next night. D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S !!

Okay my dears, I think this will do for a new year post from me and hopefully in the next post I will be able to upload some pictures of the house to share with you. Until then, a belated Happy New Year to you and take care.

PS: This entire post was composed with me holding the phone to my ear with my left hand while being put onhold with the Maybank2u telephone customer service and my right hand tick tack typing away. And I keep hearing this over and over again - "Sorry, all our EXECUTIVES (they certainly think very highly of themselves) are still busy. Please hold, we will attend to you shortly." They can't even be bothered with putting on some nice music to sooth the 'seething anger' that I am slowly building up within me. I don't mean to put the Malaysian service down but it really wouldn't come as a surprise to find that the EXECUTIVES are probably sitting there yakking away about what to have for dinner and decide to let the phone ring and ring and ring.... I need to make the EXECUTIVE decision about when is the best time to give up and hang up...