Wednesday, 9 February 2011

A project long overdue

I was highly ambitious before X'mas last year in terms of my sewing projects. I was making plans to make this for so and so, make that for such and such person... And in the end, I've only managed to complete a pair of X'mas stockings for Steve and myself.

So now, almost one and a half months after X'mas, I'm playing catching up. Tonight, I started with a simple cushion cover for the foam pad that I had planned to give Don, Steve's dad as X'mas present. From beginning till the end, the project only took me less than half an hour and the result was satisfying.

I hope Don will be pleased with it when I give that to him this Sunday. But I think I won't mention that it was meant to be a X'mas present :)
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aniq said...

it's very hard to get the sewing momentum on all the time - requires so much patience and commitment. Im very impressed with your patience and drive -serious, tak tipu! he he I love the red fabric on the cushion - this picture doesn't do justice though, pls upload more. :)

PengPeng彬彬 said...

hehe thanks aniq... i know what you mean about the sewing momentum... i need to get into the 'right' mood you know.. and plus because you're all alone in that sewing room making stuff so it's not very sociable so that's another negative side of it :P

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