Monday, 4 May 2009

Travel story II - The Eastern and Oriental Hotel in Penang

I can't believe i left it so long before i started writing another entry for my blog!!?? And after two weeks, the holiday seemed like ages ago now but i must share our experience at the Eastern and Oriental Hotel simply because it was really special.

My last entry ended with me being enchanted by the beauty of The Eastern and Oriental Hotel and here are some pictures to show you. Mind you the pictures were not really taken properly and they really did not do the hotel much justice at all because truly, you have to be physically present at the lobby area and the room to be able to fully appreciate it.

Me standing in between the sitting area and the bed

The bathroom with the his and hers wash basins

Each suit in the hotel comprises of three different areas -- the sitting room where the television is (that has a set of french doors leading to the balcony overlooking the sea and the swimming pool), and the bed area with a majestic looking mahogany oak closet directly facing the soft and hugeeee bed (and there is a butler's button next to bed too, hehe, which we never used) and then through to the next area is the bathroom area with a separate shower and a separate toilet, and 'his' and 'hers' wash basins. It was just pureeee luxury and we were glad we booked 4 nights at the hotel because from the service right to the food at the breakfast buffet, everything was PURRRRR-fect. I've attached some pictures to show you what i mean.

The view of the swimming pool and the sea from the room balcony

The breakfast area overlooking the sea

The lobby area

Of course after that luxurious 4-night stay, we had to start making our way back to Singapore and we started by taking the night train from Butterworth to Kuala Lumpur. After getting used to all that comfortable Egyptian cotton sheets on the bed and the luxurious and elegant marbled-floor bathroom, the reality of the toilet and the rough sheets and blanket on the bunk bed on the train really did come as a SHOCK. The lesson here is never ever get used to too much luxury because reality will slap you hard on the face :P

Anyway, the train got us to Kuala Lumpur which was the important thing and to appease my mum who was constantly worried for our safety, we waited at KL Sentral until it was after 6am before we caught a taxi to our next hotel which was The Traders Hotel.

In my next entry, I will tell you all about The Traders Hotel and all the wonderful things we did in KL. Right now, i'm off to bed. To friends who are reading this blog, I hope you've enjoyed reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it.


tiee said...

WOOOOOWWWWW....u make me wanna go there too....maybe i'll go there next holidays. but, where actually the hotel is ya? which part?

Bea said...

bloody hell! How much did you two spend on that holiday?!? Like 5star accommodations all the way! Forgive me for being nosy! We are only staying at Grand Millenium and hubby is already feeling the pinch ... Hehe... I don even dare mention a proper honeymoon! LOL

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