Thursday, 25 March 2010

This is a test...

well for quite a while now i’ve had the software MacJournal and i’ve been trying to use it to publish my blog entries. i haven’t been successful because the pictures never seem to end up in my blog. after reading various online forums, i managed to find some tips which i am hoping to try. i took these pictures when i was on sick leave yesterday. one shows a rare moment -- sasha resting her head on my leg, and the other shows my project growing bigger and bigger...

let’s hope this post goes on successfully and the pictures will show.

keep fingers crossed.

IMG00186-20100321-1342%282%29.TY3NC5P3Wyoi.jpg IMG00189-20100324-0921.bPlTlrK4dmwD.jpg


escape2 said...

nice new layout.
teringin pulak want to change mine. but kinda lazy. where do you find the skin?

Pete said...

On sick leave....hope you get well soon.

Fely said...

YAY! It worked!

eugene said...

Hey Peng Peng Ooi,,

i am here wishing you a great weekend ahead, will always remember to come back and saying hi,,,, take care now ya

SJB said...

Get well soon. Pandai juga si Sasha pigi sayang kau.

Note: Nice new layout match with the header :D.

PengPeng彬彬 said...

escape2: go and look for it under shabby blogs (it's on my blog list)

pete and eugene : thanks guys :)

sjb : itu celaka punya anjing, she doesn't get so cuddly very often that's why i took a picture.. she normally cuddles up to steve and not me :P

fely : i've just installed WLW on this pc and am loving it, sayang there is no version for Mac so can't use it on my laptop.

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