Monday, 6 September 2010

The changing of seasons and more projects completed

Nine calendar months have snuck past me and I am still in a daze ... It seemed like not long ago we were rejoicing in the unexpected January snow (not all of us) and when I turned around, it's September already. Mind you, from January to September, I did manage to squeeze in events like going home to Malaysia to visit the family; learning to use the sewing machine; celebrated another birthday; a few holidays here and there.... So all in all, quite an eventful nine months.

As much as we are unwilling to accept that Summer is coming to an end, you know that it is happening when you can feel the air getting chillier and you no longer feel comfortable in just your skimpy t-shirt; shorts and flip-flops. Your lips start to feel a bit dry and flaky; and your skin becomes rather dry.

Speaking of dry skin, I have started using the much talked about 'Waitrose Baby Bottom Butter' on my face. I know it sounds absurd but not long ago I read about it on the news and when I was in Waitrose a month ago, I saw it and decided to give it a go. It actually works quite well on my superdry skin, so I have stopped using my dermalogica moisturiser and am only using this. But I suspect I will go back to my dermalogica products quite soon, once I get hold of another tube of my daily moisturiser as I've run out of that product. I like the light, aromatheraphy-smelling moisturiser on my face. But at the moment, for £2.49 per tub, it's doing quite a good job.

I hate using make up and until today, I am guilty of going around puffy and pale-faced, looking like I've just woken up from bed, even at 1 o'clock in the afternoon because I can't even be bothered to put lipsticks on. I have tried, I swear, I have, that is, to maintain a regime of applying make up before coming out. Bea even gave me a crash course on using make up but I just gave up after two days because I cannot be bothered. Too time consuming and, frankly, pointless. But I will give it another go, soon, when I've visited the store and bought myself some proper MAC make-up. I'll let you know. I quite like the Hello Kitty range, so perhaps I will start trying, soon. First, I need to sort out my unruly and quite frankly, almost non-existing eyebrows. That's what irritates me the most.

Anyway, some random pictures to show you what's been happening...

 The view of Widemouth Bay
This picture was taken during our latest weekend away in Cornwall and the whole weekend was spent appreciating how beautiful the Cornish coast was. We enjoyed driving along the tiny and narrow coastal roads with tall hedges on both sides, while admiring the breath-taking views of the sea whenever we get chance to have glimpses of it. When we do get chance to stop and appreciate the beauty, the Canon compact camera that we have just isn't quite cut out to do the job of capturing how beautiful the surroundings were. I guess that's one of the reasons that has prompted me to want to get myself a camera which has slightly more options than a compact digital camera can offer, for the sole purpose of being able to capture pictures with a bit more depth. I have no idea about shutter speed, or ISO or macro but I am sure once I get hold of the camera, the learning will come with using it. So it's all very exciting.
 Another completed project, Michelle's Bag
I call it Michelle's Bag because it was made for a friend's birthday and you guessed right, her name's Michelle. From the outside, it might look like an ordinary tote bag but close up, you'll see that each flower is individually stitched to give it a sort of '3D' effect. It was an enjoyable project to do and hopefully she'll be able to make some good use of it.
Mind you, I was saying to Fely after three flowers, it was quite hardwork stitching free-motion and maneuvering the fabric to get the stitches around each flower to look tidy. Quite straining on the eyes and back but was definitely another satisfying project to do.
Made some cushion covers yesterday and I must say I'm quite pleased with how they have turned out. Steve chose the green fabric, flower motif with green background on one side and I matched it with a stripey deck-chair, seasiddey kind of fabric on the other side. 

I already have another project or two in mind, just need to find time to do them. It's all go, go, go !! 


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Fely said...

hey hey hey!!! I can make a comment now! woohooo!! You have to come round here, Nia will tell you all about makeup cos i think she puts on a lot more than you, my cheeky little girl!!! Lip gloss and rouge almost every morning if she can have it her way!!
And again, the bag and the cushion are so lovely. You have to finish your dress off quick so I can see it!
Muah xxx

escape2 said...

take photo of those hello kitty make up you got ya. it is sold out here as soon as it was launched. so you better make use of them when u get them. remember to get make-up remover too.

SJB said...

Nice view.

Wah..another project huh?. Good for you.

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