Wednesday, 17 November 2010

The Three Most Useful Things I've Ever Bought.

It is normal to go through life making mistakes and learning from them.You often make the wrong decisions which you will later regret; say the things which you would wish you hadn't; and buy the things that you will find out later to be rather useless and serve no purpose. This might not be strictly true for some of you careful shoppers out there, but for me, it is one of those things which I have come to accept in life. I am impulsive, careless and easily swayed.

I was sitting down with a cuppa one day and started reflecting on things (as you would, with a cuppa)... and I started to look at the things around me and realised that actually, not all my 'impulse buys' were deemed useless and a waste of money. In fact some of these 'impulse buys' turned out to be the 'best buys' ever !! And most of all, they were inexpensive items which I have come to rely upon every day, without realising it. 

So without further ado, let's introduce them.

#Item 1
I bought this in a sale after Christmas, not last Christmas, but two Christmasses ago for 50p. And  ever since then, I have used it every day without fail, to bring  my lunch to work. The best 50p I have ever spent.

#Item 2
Last year, I went on a girlie trip to IKEA, and on impulse bought this laptop table for my Mac. I love having this table next to the bed and I wouldn't know where and how else I would have set my laptop up in the room given the limited space that we have around us. And the price, a mere £14.99 ! 

#Item 3
I was browsing in Sainsbury's one day when I came across this blue dotted bowl and thought to myself that I must have it. So I bought it for £2.50 and I have come to rely on it a lot for my meals at my desk -- my morning porridge, my Monday instant noodle lunch, etc.

So there you have it. The three most unassuming items which I have bought that I have come to rely upon so much every day, and it didn't even cost me an arm and a leg.


escape2 said...

when i looked at the second table, i tot you were going to talk about that macbook instead. wahahaha

PengPeng彬彬 said...

haha that was the only picture i could find of it online from the ikea catalogue and they used a Macbook as a model so ngam for me lah :P

Bea said...

cheap buys can often be the best buys!!!!

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