Thursday, 31 July 2008

the beginning of blogging

this is my second attempt to begin a regular blogging habit.

ah bea and aniq make blogging so easy but as i have discovered, it's not.

i was trying to recall the events that have happened in my life for the past few months but in the end i gave up and thought i'll concentrate on what happens from now.

have just started on quite a major cross stitch project and am still at the initial stage of being excited about it. ah bea said i would never finish it, which is not a very encouraging statement really. but never mind, i told her i'll try my best and i hope to get it finished. i found this trial software which lets you create your own cross stitch chart from any photo you like and it was absolutely amazing. so i got straight on it and created a chart from the picture of Sasha and the next thing i know, the materials are ordered online, the fabric chosen and the project is well underway.

i think this will do for my first post. perhaps when i have fresh ideas i shall come back. perhaps.


escape2 said...

welcome to the world of blogging.
guess who?? hehhe

can you put up the link for the cross stitch page??

PengPeng said...

hmmm i still can't figure out who you are...

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