Thursday, 31 July 2008

love handles

i used to be able fit into all my clothes and most of the clothes i take into the fitting room to try. not anymore. i think it was soon after my 30th birthday that i realise that you can't be slim and fit forever. but i let it slip and let my belly 'grow' freely.

this morning i put on my shorts and it hit home -- i need to start exercising. (wish i could vomit out the two pain au chocolat i had for breakfast, in bed, this morning.)

so i started off with a few sit-ups. i only lasted 30 sit ups and i felt like i was going to die. maybe i'll take the dog out for a walk later. i think my biggest problem is being lazy and not having enough determination.

perhaps i'll take the bicyle out as well and do some hills.



tiee said...

oh peng, we are one in this. I couldn't seem to exercise too. Two years ago I did go to gym and managed to shed many kilos but now...hmmm...let's motivate ourselves.

PengPeng said...
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PengPeng said...

the difference between you and me, betty dear, is that you have given birth to three children and i haven't !! god knows what size barrel i'll turn into when i do ! hehe.

tiee said...

haha...sorry, but just enjoy ourselves now. We will not be chubby forever...or will we?

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