Saturday, 21 March 2009

Rising from the dead.

It is quite funny that this blogsite is like my water lily plant that 'rose from the dead'. When I first started working at Supermarket X I couldn't bare to see the 'expired' plants being thrown away every night -- beautiful orchids, exotic looking water lily plant, roses, all in nice porcelain pots being thrown away almost mercilessly. So I would try and buy as many plants as I could afford to and bring them home with me. Eventually I finally ran out of space and had to stop buying (by then I had also built up a stronger will power and could handle looking at them being chucked into the bin). Anyway, despite my TLC quite a few plants 'died on me' and that included a water lily plant which I didn't bother throwing out coz the pot was really nice. Last week, when i accidentally looked up where the pot was sitting at, to my amusement, four new shoots were emerging from the earth. How wonderful !!

So yesterday during my day off I spent half of it reading through friends' blogs and thoroughly enjoyed myself. And I thought to myself -- I can do this?! I just have to be more resilient, more 'involved' and not to leave the blogpage for half a year before I visit it again !!! That should do the trick and also I tell myself I should be less self-conscious about what others would think of me and start being a bit more open and relaxed. The other half always calls me uptight. And I know I can be, quite uptight. So am going to let my hair down and share more things with more friends.

So please check this site every now and again and hopefully you'll see new entries every so often.


tiee said...

i'm learning myself. Good luck with the blog.

PengPeng said...

thank you betty. hehe coming up with the title was the biggest obstacle for me (and such a long time i took to come up with such a lame title, hehe).

tiee said...

agreed. it took me quite a while to come up with mine too. but after a few weeks, i changed it again. maybe it'll keep changing.

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