Sunday, 22 March 2009

the subject of my hair

Because today was such a beautiful day and we were standing on the lawn hanging the washing out so i asked my other half to take a spontaneous picture of me with my mobile so that i can show my friends on facebook what my new haircut looks like. And it turned out to be a nice picture that i really like. i think that i am one of those unfortunately people who NEVER look good in any pictures no matter how hard i try to change my smile, or my pose or the way i tilt my head or the way i look at the camera. i never liked my pictures being taken. but for some reason, i end up liking this picture a lot.

Getting my long, long hair cut was as usual an impulsive decision that i never thought very long and hard about. I have had very long and straight hair for the past three years so i thought it was time for a change and to have my hair layered and so before i visited the hairdresser i had a mental image of how i wanted my hair to be cut. As soon as i got there i told her very clearly how i wanted it cut. The hairdresser was a lady from China who was recommended by a coursemate who went to uni with me last year. I found out through many painful experiences that British hairdressers DO NOT know how to cut Asian hair so after i visited the Chinese lady for the first time i was very very happy i found the right hairdresser and trusted her completely with my hair.

So she did what she was told and was i happy? no, no, no. Yours truly thought that the haircut wasn't obvious enough and demanded my hair to be cut more and that was a mistake that i would later regret because when she was done, it finally dawned on me that my long hair was gone. That was one of the reasons why i wasn't too happy with my new haircut to begin with. Fortunately, after two weeks my hair started to shape itself into a new style and i have since grown to like it.

Not long ago, Bea and i discussed at length about the prospect of me getting my hair permed and we both agreed that it would be a nice change for me. However the perm would have cost me 50pounds and it's an amount that i can never see myself spending, for the time being, on my hair. So it was a shame that i had my haircut without considering the perm because i had always wanted to try curly hair.

I think hair is a very interesting and amusing subject for women, especially for me and bea. Whenever we meet in Reading we would end up having very fun and giggly nights doing each other's hair and i really miss that. Now ah bea is still stuck in KK and i'm sitting here waiting and wondering when she's going to be able to get back to the UK. Even when she comes back here i suspect we won't be able to have our 'notorious' girly short breaks now that she is married. Sigh. Don't get me wrong though, i am extremely, extremely happy for her that she's married. x)

Anyway i am quite glad with the healthy progress that this blog is making and it's 3 minutes before Desperate Housewives is on and I shall be in front of the telly soon so that I don't miss anything. Catch you later.


Miss Mathew said...

Hey Peng2!!! U look great wth d new hairdo :) Gosh! I didnt knw U hv a blog..I hope itz ok for me to link U? sooo glad to knw tht U r happy & content at d other side of d world *hugsss*

tiee said...

yeah peng2. u really look great with the new do. More mature and elegant maybe...:) When is THE DAY for u then? Aren't u settling down?

PengPeng said...

OOo it is nice to see comments in my blog !! of course it is okay fil for you to link up with me !! love it love it love it. well as for the issue of marriage, all i can say is, 'not yet'? :P

HUgs and Kisses to you two.

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