Friday, 27 March 2009

it's Friday!!

ahhhh i love fridays because i don't work on fridays at the uni. well not so much this friday because i'm working at 5pm later but when i'm not working my evening shift on a friday it's a three-day weekend so can't be bad. i have a strange but in a way nice work rota with M&S which i think is excellent and fair. it's a two-week rotation system whereby in week one (they call it week one and two), i work thursday, friday and saturday. but in week two, i work tuesday, wednesday and thursday, and then it goes back to week 1 the following week, which means that i only have to work every other weekend and you get a chance to have a weekend off, which is great. of course when it's week 2 when i have my morning shift and evening shift three days in a roll it can be a killer but it soon rolls by and also i have a three-day weekend to look forward to so i plough through those three days with determination and gusto !!

not long ago miss mathew tagged me in a very funny activity and i said i would comply on my friday off and here is it. revealing the inside and outside of my wallet (i told you it was a fun and weird tag)

this picture was taken with my blackberry phone so the resolution isn't great but you can tell what it looks like. it's a Radley purse (quite popular in the UK but not so much outside i think) and i bought it from Beales at £49.50 (half of that money was kindly donated by the other half, haha). and i love it. it took me months looking through websites and deciding which one i would go for and which colour and then finally getting the wallet and realising it was the wrong size (the first one i got was too small for the rubbish i had to accommodate in it) so i took it back, went to the store next to it and got a bigger one!! basically i caused quite a palaver just getting this wallet. and here's the inside bit with three of my most important cards displayed.

well the first card at the top is of course the all important staff discount card which gives me 20% discount at M&S and the second card is where my money comes from but i don't really know why i picked the third card to be there because it's not really that important, come to think of it now. i was sent to do a short first aid course for M&S last year, got my qualification and so am a qualified first aider. and so far i have only tended to two and a half minor cases (thank god) so... all is good.

sigh how time flies when you're doing nothing but sitting in front of the pc and clicking random pages, hehe. am going upstairs to watch Mummy now (the third one) and then have lunch and go to work (feeling sluggish and tired by that time). so now i'm going to tag a few friends for this fun activity.

Ah Bea being the first, Aniq the second, Doria the third and audrey the next one. (tiee i know you've already been tagged by miss mathew). haha have fun !!


Doria Robert Kawen said...

first aider ha?wah time let's look what's inside our car, our room, kitchen and so on.this is fun..macam aku takde kerja lain.hahahaha

Bea said...

what exactly am I tagged to do? wallet and 3 most important cards?

PengPeng said...

hehe you're supposed to show the outside of your wallet and the inside, you can do it however way you like bea but i decided to show my three most important cards. and you should also disclose the details like where you got it, what brand, how much.. etc (like doria said, nothing better to do, haha)

have fun. i did.

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