Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Old friends.

Have you ever experienced this on Facebook? You make a comment about the status of someone you once knew but you've not spoken to in ages and they replied and it put a smile on your face? I love facebook. I love the fact that I am connecting with so many old chums. But at the same time, inevitably, there is a sense of nostalgia (or regret?) as well. I was never a very sociable or outgoing person during college. I had a few very close friends like Kamala, Beatrice, Felicia, Lian, Sangeeta, Zaamah, Lily and my highschool friend Noel. Apart from that I never really took the effort to get to know all the other 80 odd coursemates I had at MPIK. I wish I had because as we are all connecting to one another through fb after graduating for almost 10 years, I wish i had taken a bit more effort to get to know these people that i have come to love and cherish through facebook and whose life stories i follow 'religiously' -- Aniq, Betty, Doria, Fidel, Zai, Joan, Beatrice, Ashley, Audrey, Sheri and many more. In fact this morning i was on the computer for so long i nearly missed my bus!!

My usual habit is to wake up, get dressed for work, come downstairs to prepare breakfast and then sit in front of the pc for my daily boost of facebook and bloggering. So i was giggling at the comments people have left and also reading blogs posted by others, before i knew it, it was 5 minutes before the bus was due at the bus stop on the mainroad !! so i dashed upstairs like mad, put my boots on, ran downstairs(nearly tripped and fell) and 'bam!!' out i went through the door and started marching towards the main road. because the road leading up to the main road from the house is a straight and longggggggggggg stretch of road so i could see the cars passing on the mainroad and i kept thinking to myself, please don't let the yellow bus pass, please don't let the yellow bus passsss! and you know what, the road seemed never ending!! i was huffing and puffing and the road seemed longer and longer and longer. Finally i reached the end of the road, crossed the road and ran all the way to the bus stop!! literally a minute later, the yellow bus arrived and i thought 'phew' that was close !!!! no more blogging and facebooking in the morning for me that's for sure (yeah right)

Today i spent the whole day designing the sample copy of the centre leaflet and finally finished it. and I felt really, really happy with myself and couldn't stop admiring it !! the only thing is the boss hasn't seen it yet so she might not like it :P so i shall wait until the centre publishes it (if it gets approved) and then i'll take some pictures and post it here to 'show off' my master piece, hehe.

It just goes to show that one of the character traits as humans is that we get so motivated by working towards certain goals and objectives, achieving them and feeling good with ourselves. sometimes i do feel really sorry for my dad who has retired from 28 years of teaching sometime back. and he hasn't coped with his retirement very well and he's been having some health issues. so i worry about my family a lot, and it doesn't help being so far away. of course people who 'seemingly' are free to do whatever they like and can do whatever they fancy are not always the happiest of people. from my own personal experience, i get bored from sitting at home and having nothing to work towards. and that boredom soon turns into mild depression. it's quite funny that i moan when i'm too busy but in actual fact, busy is good. having said that, i shall start moaning again come thursday when i have to do a double shift, one in the morning from 8.30am to 4pm and in the evening from 5pm to 10pm. x)


ash said...

When I started FB I was very excited (still am!) and hubby warned me not to get addicted. It's been very isolating not to go to work, and I hardly go out so I don't make many new friends. FB is practically my only way of keeping in touch with the outside world aside from hubby and Ryan and I love to log on (a few times!) every day to see what you and the rest of the gang are doing. Love reading your blog. Don't stop writing!

Doria Robert Kawen said...

Yeah..i am addicted to FB now.try to keep away from FB before..but cannot.next time, dont forget ur yellow bus,k..naughty girl!

PengPeng said...

i know how you feel ashley, as sad as it sounds, fb is now my main social life line too and i can totally undestand where you're coming from. thanks for your support of my blog and doria it's morning, i'm having my breakfast and i promise i won't leave it till the last minute before i get out of the house :P

lots of hugs and kisses to you two.

tiee said...

yea peng, i agree. there were too many of us last time in college. of course it's difficult to be close to everyone. i'm an addict too. my God. keep up the good work. can't wait to see your product.

Miss Mathew said...

Yoohooo!!! Ashley? Is tht u?? hehe! Gurl, I'm certain tht ur company is going to publish ur masterpiece :) double shifts = double pay ;)

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