Monday, 23 March 2009

in a state of euphoria.

i think i am feeling giddy, excited and breathless, the phase of initial excitement experienced by first time bloggers, i'm sure. i just found a few comments about my blog i am as happy as larry. and to top it up i have a FOLLOWER of my blog (cheers to tieeee) !!!!! i am glad i have finally caught up with the rest of the blogging addict community (the chairperson being qahina, hehe). and now that i have started blogging, i can't stop !!

when i finished work today i thought to myself, for the first time i did not doze off in front of the computer after lunch !! for the first two weeks it was a very, very slow start and i was still finding my way round the centre and exploring what my role was. so my days were filled with answering phone calls, taking phone messages, making tea, ordering beverages for meetings...etc. today, i finally found something to get excited about because i am designing a leaflet for the centre. as soon as i got the approval from the boss i immediately got cracking on it and by the end of the day i was very happy with my progress.

as odd as this may sound, when i first started the new job (an office desk job that i've always dreamt of when i was a teacher), part of me actually missed those teaching days. it was a shocking realisation as i thought to myself one afternoon when i was the only person left in the entire office -- teaching doesn't seem so bad now. so friends who are still teachers, i know at times you may be totally discouraged by the amount of paper work and the problematic students in class, teaching isn't exactly that bad. in fact, it IS one of the most exciting and rewarding professions. so enjoy it to the fullest.

personally i admit i don't have the guts to be a teacher in the UK, i think. especially not to a group of middle-class British secondary children. i have a British friend who is a sixth form teacher and she is a tough cookie and she handles her kids well. i think i will just crumble like a cookie, hide under the table and cry my way out of the school, hehe. so well done to wee mee and joanne, who are both teaching in comprehensive schools in the UK, if i'm not mistaken.

it's sad to say that i might have lost touch with teaching. last week, we had a group of visiting students to the university on a 'citizenship day' event and i was in charge of handling the quiz and i must admit that standing in front of the group of 20 odd students, on the outside i appeared cool and confident but inside i was as nervous as hell. i won't be surprised if my voice came out twitting and squeking like a bird. How utterly useless of me, after 5 years of teaching experience!

Having said that, I still enjoy my new job because i am gaining new experience; learning new things; adopting new concepts; and coming up with new ideas. The only down side is that for the time being it is only a contract job until end of September and nobody knows if the contract will be extended. Only time can tell and in the meantime, I will make the most of it by achieving as much as i can.


Miss Mathew said...

Thx to Tiee, I found U!!! lol! Guess wht?I left my previous sch a yr ago & up to now I'm still missing teaching my stdnts!but do i want to go bck to tht sch once I graduated?hehe! NO. Gotto go somewhr else la :)

Doria Robert Kawen said...

reaally happy to read ur blog..i am still teaching and still enjoying it..i guess teaching is in my blood..sometimes I do grumbling here and there..tired but when it comes to sch
anyway girl..enjoy ur life..i guess u r not coming back to msia ha?;)

ash said...

Darn I'd written a long long long comment, then discovered I was logged on as hubby (checking his emails for him...yes I know we live in each other's pockets) so I logged out to use my own name. Didn't manage to save the comment but I loved reading your posts. Read each one and already commented on each individual post and then did something silly like this. Update more often...I promise to visit :)

tiee said...

i'm glad to be a link...haha..but u found me first peng. that's how i know u have a blog. now we have new act instead of the FB which i find quite confusing lately. I think i agree with u. I may complaint about teaching but in a way, i do still love teaching. just that, the ministry has given too much burden to teachers lately that i wonder whether my priority in school is teaching or...

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