Saturday, 28 March 2009


One of the perks of my M&S job apart from my staff discount, is that because i work the evening shift until closing time, everything that has been taken off the shelves and is expiring on that day, we get to buy them at half price, or quarter price, depending on the variety. So the M&S that i work at is called M&S Simply Foods, so yes, we sell mainly food and drinks and it's quite a small shop (like Tesco express). So last night, among the waste items was this beautiful bunch of Protea bouqeut and after discount, the price came off at 3 pounds instead of the original 12 pounds. I was told by my South African manager that the Protea is the national symbol of South Africa and they apparently last foreverrrrr !! So i gladly took a bunch home and put them in a vase and this morning they looked so beautiful i took a few pictures. Mind you, the pictures were taken by the crappy camera on my phone so they don't do the flowers justice really.

Another one of my favourites is Oriental Lilies. They are so lovely and they too last for a very long time. On top of that, the whole house smells lovely with the lily fragrant in the air.

I guess that is one of the things that makes it exciting working my evening shift because you'll never know at the end of the night what kind of bargain you're going to get :)


tiee said...

Lovely! Hmm...reminds me of my love for Tulips..And it's been very long since i've received a bouquet of flowers. How unromantic.

PengPeng said...

hehe you should hint hint hint to hubby. X

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