Monday, 8 February 2010

Hopeless me.

One of the things on my 'To-do list' last week was to ring up my mobile service provider, Orange, to terminate my mobile phone contract which ends effectively next month 2nd March. Since I love my current Blackberry and there is no need for an upgrade, my sensible self tells me that instead of paying up to £30 a  month for the line rental, all I have to do is to get a pay-as-you-go sim from O2 which will allow me to have unlimited text and unlimited internet as long as I top up £15 every month. Simple?

Here's how it went...

Orange 1 : Hello, you are through to Orange Customer Service, how may I help?

Me: Erm, I would like to terminate my contract which ends next month please.

direct and straight to the point. so far so good

Orange 1: Okay. Could I have your telephone number please?

Hmmm, this is easier than I thought....

Me: Sure, it's 07XXXXXXXXX.

Orange 1 : Thank you. Let me transfer you to my colleague who will be able to help you.

Oh oh, and I thought it was going to be straight-forward... perhaps not

Orange 2 : Hello Peng Peng, my name is Beverly. I hear that you are planning to leave Orange. Would it be possible to find out from you why that is?

Must stay tough..... must stay strong...... must stay focussed

Me : Well, I have decided that I can save more money by using an O2 pay-as-you-go sim and top up £15 every month because I don't make a lot of calls or send many texts so I don't really need to be on an expensive pay-monthly contract.

extremely proud of self by now

Orange 2 : I see. Now Peng Peng, How about if I tell you we can do the same deal for you for £15 and on top of that you'll get 200 free minutes as well but it will be a contract-based sim.

Puffff I am not falling for that

Me : Nah, your offer sounds really good but I think for the time being I will stick to my pay-you-go plan because I don't really want to be tied down with another long contract.

Proud of me, aren't you?

Orange 2 : I see. Erm Peng Peng, I can see from your record that you are due for an upgrade of your mobile. Is there any particular phone that you might be interested in upgrading and we can see if we can do you a good deal?

Oh oh......... this could be my down fall....

Me : Well, ermm... welll... I am rather interested in the new BlackBerry 9700 that's just come out. But... but.. to be fair, I am quite happy with my existing BlackBerry to be honest (voice trailing to a whisper...)

Damn it! Stay strong, woman!!

Orange 2 : Right. Now, how about if I tell you that we can get that phone for you for free, and you only have to pay £19.99 per month and you get 200 free minutes, 200 free texts and unlimited web data, which would suit your usage just fine? If you were prepared to pay £15 a month anyway, this is just an additional £4.99 and you'll get a new phone for free.

Hmmm.... I must admit she's making a very, very good point....

Me : Ermm.....welll....Oh okay I'll take it.

Whatttttt am I doing??!!!!!!!! Noooooooo !!!!!!!

Orange 2 : Sorry? Did you say you'll take it? Oh that's great. Let me take down some details.

Me : Oh yes, oh yes...haha (nervous laugh).. can't believe I'm getting a new phone.

hands shaking with excitement by now and voice cracking with giddiness..


The rest of the conversation was just her taking down my details and informing me of my delivery date.

How useless am I?? But I honestly think that was truly caused by her excellent marketing techniques!! And also, to be fair, the actual conversation was longer than that and she had spent a lot more time than I described to persuade me. I only made it shorter so that I don't bore you to death with the actual conversation of me going, ermmm.... ahhhh.... ermmmmm... wellll.....and plus I wasn't entirely sure if the £15 pay-as-you-go sim would provide me with BlackBerry Internet Service so it didn't take her long to persuade me to stay.

But, c'mon, £19.99 for a month and a free BlackBerry 9700 ... Who can resist that??!!

As we speak, I have just received a text informing me that my parcel with me new phone will be arriving this evening at 5pm!!! How exciting is that??!! 

Honestly, gadgets and technology would be my greatest downfall. I belong to Geek Land.

What is to be your greatest downfall?


Fely said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! So typical of Peng Peng.
But look at this this get a neeeeeeeewwwwww phooooooooonnnnneeeeee.....

Exciting or what!


PengPeng彬彬 said...

i knowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww !!!!

ps: you shouldn't be encouraging this behaviour in me !!!!!!

ash said...

But it seriously is a very good deal! I've been thinking of getting blackberry and thinking and thinking but it costs rm2400 which if you think that a typical phone is used barely 2 years, is a LOT of money just for the phone, not to mention the service itself. Well done you for getting convinced into getting a good deal :P

PengPeng彬彬 said...
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PengPeng彬彬 said...

ash, i seriously think you should. once you become a blackberry convert, there is no turning back... and like you said, you'll save so much on sms with blackberry messenger.... it is not even worth thinking about... just get it !! and to make you look at it from a different angle... blackberry is more than just a phone.

Audrey Wiles said...

i wanntt a blackberryyyyyyyyyyy tooooo.. sob sob. i think i'm the only backward person with no blackberry!

SJB said...

I want blackberry too.

Lili said... only definition of a blackberry is a berry bush that bears black fruits *wink
Good deal Peng! although i myself have never been into all these gadget (p.s a self-confessed Luddite i am!) already too bogged down with running a household on my own, running a school of screaming kids and two coming soon 3 babies... let's just say ur mini moo looks more tempting for me to cuddle up with than any sort of mechanism.

escape2 said...

i wan one too!!!!

Doria Robert Kawen said...

so what happen to ur 'old'blackberry?
In case u dont like it,why dont u give it to me then?
This is my address:

PengPeng彬彬 said...

Doria, sorry la am going to sell the phone to make some money :P

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