Sunday, 9 May 2010

Finally !!

So after staying at home for most of my 'visiting family' trip, I finally got to go out today to Penang to visit my brother's inlaws.

On our way to their house we stopped at our usual coffee shop and had our usual favourite - the very famous Penang Char Kui Teow at Genting Restaurant and it was every bit as good as I imagined it to be !! And of course out came the camera and 'snap', an ever lasting memory of my craving satisfaction after more than two years (and also to show off to Fely who must be droooling by now) hahaks.

I made sure that the photo size is EXTRA large so that you can see the yummy prawns and 'see ham' and egg... mmmmmmmm.....can still taste it in my mouth. (I have since had to reduce the size of the picture due to technical problems :P )

My fantastic foody day didn't just end there. On our way back, to save Mom the hassle of cooking dinner, we decided to stop at another food court and have something to eat. Because it was still early, we made a stop at Tesco Extra on our way to pick up some groceries (in which I picked myself a deliciously yummy tin of Julie's Love Letters (perisa Coklat), inspired by escape's blog entry not long ago). I asked Mom and Dad which flavour to choose from and Dad immediately said 'Perisa Coklat' so chocolate it was... and on our way to the check out Mom whispered, 'I would have picked strawberry....' SIGH typical Mom.... I should have picked up both tins then to make both of them happy, haha. Anyway, for dinner, we had some lovely sizzling claypot noodles (yummy) and some Ice Kacang !! Unfortunately it was getting dark so no picture was taken this time and also I was sent on the task of getting the Ice Kacang so in between trying to gobble down the noodles and eating the Ice Kacang at the same time before it melts, I had no more free hands for 'snap snap' !!

So we went home happy and contented and although we were all full to the brim with noodles and ice kacang, within half an hour, we were happily tucking into the tin of Julie's Love Letters !! Yummmy !!! Hehe this image I stole from escape...
And what makes me happy is knowing that there is still a whole tin out there waiting for me tomorrow (unless Mom and Dad make a drastic attack for it before I wake up tomorrow noon time) -- yeah I know, it's awfully terrible that I am still on England time which means that I only fall asleep around 6am Malaysian time and wake up around 12.30 in the afternoon just in time for lunch (shame shame shame)...

When I was packing for home, I knew that I would be spending most of my time at home doing nothing. So I packed lots of my hobby stuff(things that I always wished I had more time to do when I'm in the UK), making sure that I'll never have a dull moment and that I'll have lots to occupy my time with. This is the list of things I brought and also how much I've actually made use of them so far...

1. My cross stitch project -- Two years ago I started a very ambitious cross-stitch project of a picture of Sasha the dog...  two years later, we still haven't seen any bit of her actual face yet. So I brought this project along, hoping that I'll be able to make some progress on it. But as you can tell from this picture, there is still no sign of any dog, so I haven't done much of cross-stitch so far.

2. Edward Rutherfurd's Sarum -- I did a research on the Internet before my holiday and found out that this book was recommended by many as resembling the experience you'll get from the great 'Pillars of the Earth' by Ken Follet and because I loved The Pillars of the Earth so much (read it four times so far) I practically twisted Steve's arm and got him to get this book for me with his Christmas voucher at Waterstone (yes, I am mean). I had it with me on the plane but I didn't read it because I was sleeping most of the time (or trying to sleep) and for a reason that you will soon find out, I have not had chance to read much of it either.

3. Friends Season 8 -- I know I'm sad.. I must have seen this a million times but believe it or not, when you've got nothing else on telly to watch, 'Friends' always come in handy. Since Mom and Dad are avid fans of period drama from mainland China which I have no interest in because they are too 'historical' for me, I have spent many a lonely nights in my room watching 'Friends' on my laptop and the saddest part was because I only brought along one season with me, I have to ration myself to a maximum of two episodes per night so that I don't run out of episodes too quickly (unfortunately the rationing wasn't very successful the first week I was here so I am now already on the last disc with only 6 more episodes to go before I finish the entire season !!! Should have brought along season 9 as well !!

4. Nintendo DSi XL -- Now this one.... this one..... it helped me sleep, it gave me entertainment and it was the best companion through the nights when I'm awake while the rest of the house is sleeping. I know, I am a fully grown adult woman who should be having babies and nurturing children at my ripe old age but instead I get extreme pleasure from shooting robots and collecting bits and pieces in the Lego Star Wars Trilogy!!! I think the thing that gets me so hooked on this game is that the level of difficulty is at the minimum where I can handle. Once a game gets too complicated and the controls get too difficult to handle, my mind gives up. This one is just right up my street. And I love love love it. Another picture to show you the game, haha.
You can tell from this elaborate post that I currently have lots of free time on my hands. I really, really want to get some cross-stitch done and start reading the book and get into some interesting history of Britain... but first, I must shoot all the nasty robots and collect all my coins !!!!

Hope I haven't bored you too much with my geeky hobbies. Until the next post, take care.


Fely said...

Hahahahah!!! Cibai betul!! Knowing i'm already craving noodles, you pulak go and put a lovely picture up like that!!

But I am so terribly happy for you that you get to savour all these goodies. When I went back last Nov, I had that privilege, and believe me, my privilege made my trousers very snug when I got back to the UK!!

Eh, itu cross stitch kan, kasih habis lah bah. I also want to see what Sasha look like on fabric! Must be one hell of a project.

Amoi ah, I nasihatkan you don't have to sleep Malaysian time anymore lah because it'll be less than a week till you're flying back here. Nanti susah kau mau bangun. Kan? Kan? Kan?

Nanti you senang ping me tomorrow ok. XXX

Bea said...


eugene said...

Ai yoh yoh,, Peng Peng, how could you not do a meet up with me lah,,, i feel so sad,,, otherwise i could have introduced you to my lovely family,,,,,

but reading this post of your, i know you are happy and most probably you really need to cathc up with loads and loads of things ya,,,

take care now and god bless, dont you think penang is still the best

SJB said...

Mmmmmmmmmmmm Kui Teow. Can you tapau for me?. Please..pretty please. Sekali sampai sini bangas hahaha.

escape2 said...

gosh, it is 1p.m. and i am still at work. i want kuey teow too!! can only leave at 1.45. hungry!!!
but i dun mind some of those love letters as well. how do you eat them? i peel them layer by layer using my tongue. haha...i like them when they are a bit soft. ohhh..then the choc melts in the mouth. HUNGRY!!!

PengPeng彬彬 said...

Fely - that's the whole point of maintaining english time... i was hoping that when i get back to UK it would take no time at all to adjust back (that is if i get to fly, the latest is that airports are closing again :(

bea - are you jealous about the food or about the robot shooting game? :P

eugene - my parents are super shy people, even this visit to brother's inlaw was the first in a very long time... next time la when i come back with my bf perhaps i'll get in touch with you so that i can meet you and your lovely family :)

sjb - i taupau taugeh for you want ah? haha flattened and dried out taugeh.. hehe.

escape - i like to have it like as if i'm smoking a cigar.. haha .. and then bite it bit by bit.. i don't like it when it's gone soft.. crunchy better. but the whole family agrees that julie's is the best.. other brand not so nice...

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