Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Blogging from Hong Kong

Yess, am in Hong Kong Airport waiting for my flight to Penang which is in an hour's time. Initially, the flight from Heathrow - Hong Kong was not due until now but because the pilot and the crew were SUPER efficient, we landed a whopping 50 minutes ahead of schedule and you should have heard how smug the pilot was when he announced the 'good news' and I involuntarily let out a silent groan knowing that my waiting time at the airport has just been increased 50 minutes. Ah well, I suppose that gave me plenty of time to go through transfer and to go through security again without feeling panicky (to those who travel frequently by plane you know what it's like, taking off your shoes and your belt and your coat and separating your laptop and your mobile into a tray, yada yada yada). I also had ample time to check out the duty free shop to get the gift that Steve had 'hinted' for me to get him (men).

I was going to start telling you my inflight experience but unfortunately it looks like they are boarding people soon so I had better pack up and be one of those 'kiasu' people and dash the minute they pick up the microphone to start making an announcement.

Adios and have a good week.



Pete said...

Oh you are from Penang too. Same hometown as me. Have a nice holidays

zoe said...

wish you have a good time back home!! i will transfer in hk as well, oh, the airport is so big but been there too many times make me feel bored about the shops there!

Fely said...

yay!!!! going home!!!! i miss ping-ing u already though!!

escape2 said...

have a great holiday

SJB said...

Have fun. Ambil banyak gambar k.

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