Thursday, 29 April 2010

To be or not to be?

It's been a rather busy week this week..lots of loose ends to tie up before I am off on a two-week holiday home to see the family.. YAY !! Mind you, these past two months leading to this trip has been a challenge of collecting/buying various presents and goodies for the family members -- chocolates and toys for the nieces and nephew, perfume and cosmetics for mum, jewellery for the Sis-in-law, Twining tea for Mum's friends, more cookies and chocolates.... The most difficult bit I have to say is buying for the two men -- Dad and my brother. I have one or two items for them, but I feel that it might not be enough. So, I still have this weekend before I fly off on Monday to try and sort something out. But I don't want to make the mistake I made last year when I went home --  I bought so much that in the end they woulnd't fit in the luggage and I had to leave some of the cookies and biscuits behind !! And this time, because I'm not going home with Steve, he has promised to bake some chocolate chip cookies that I can take with me for my parents because my dad loved the cookie that we brought back for them last year.

The office is finally back to normal this week with me being able to 'bug' my colleague incessantly while she's trying to get some work done. And from her holiday in Cornwall she brought me the most B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L and functional souvenir for me !! It's not a great picture because being my usual anal self, I am reluctant to open up the plastic wrapping and take them out in case I dirty them. But aren't these just so cute and adorable?!!

I haven't yet quite decided where and what to use them on so they'll have to stay in the plastic for a while longer but once in a while I do pick them up and ogle and admire them because they are just so cute !

Right, totally unrelated... I am in a mad quest of finishing my blanket because I am hoping to bring it on the plane with me for some warmth because I always find that the air conditioning is often too cold for me on the plane. But there are two dilemmas... 1. the blanket is surprising heavy and bulky (Duh, it is called a 'blanket') and 2. once I land in Malaysia with the guaranteed heat of up to 30 degree C and the humidity that envelopes you the minute you walk out the plane, I'm not sure if it will be worth while carrying all that weight just to use it on the plane... I don't know.. I guess when it comes to actually packing for the trip, the matter will resolve itself. But for now, just a couple of pictures to show you.

There is no system to the colour sequence. I basically use whatever colour that I come across first in the bag.
You can see Steve's foot sticking out in the background and the general messiness of the room. Can you see that bag sitting in the corner (next to Steve's foot), that's a whole bag of toys and stationery and goodies for the family. So tonight when I get home from work at 10pm, there will be more toiling to expand the size of the blanket. Now that it has grown so big, it takes soooooooo long just to finish one round of colour !! Fely, I've finally used the new bedlinen set I showed you not long ago... Nice?!

Okay chaps..... I will be in an Internet-less zone for the next two weeks.. so when I come back, there'll be lots of blog entries from you guys that I can catch up on (yiippiieee). Till then, take care and see you soon !!


ash said...

Wow a visit back. That sounds exciting. Will you be stopping by KL at all or going back to your hometown immediately. You know my number if you've some free time to meet up :) Have a good flight

SJB said...
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SJB said...

Are you going home too?. oh. 1st Fely, 2nd Me, 3rd Ah Bea and now it's your turn yahoo!!! for you :D. Aik apa ni saya lah pulak Excited kekekek.

Anyway, have fun!!.

Fely said...

Oh my goodness!!! How exciting! Pack, pack and pack!! Alamak! No Ping-ing for two weeks leh!! How sad for me.
The bedding looks nice lah, and the blanket is looking more and more like a nice comfy blanket. Perhaps it would be something you and Steve would fight over this coming winter, if Sasha hasn't lived in it yet! LOL!
Ping me when you get back from work tonight ok!

PengPeng彬彬 said...

Ash : am flying Cathay pacific so landing directly at Penang :( Would love to go to KL though but don't think i'll get chance..

SJB : yeah lahh... i also excited liao.. but must get everything sorted first then i can start to feel even more excited !!

Fely : I just ping-ed you leh.... i know what you mean by two weeks of no ping-ing... i shall miss you tooo *sniff sniff*

Anonymous said...

Open the bag and use your pegs or the peg police will arrest you and / or remove them from you...

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