Tuesday, 20 April 2010


Last weekend was an especially relaxing and enjoyable one for many reasons...

::I was not working at M&S (this is always good... it's especially hard having to go to work on a Saturday coming up to summer time as it gets dark a lot later and when I go into work at 6pm with glorious weather and sunshine outside, it's a real kill joy)

:: Steve managed to convince me to go on a really nice cycle ride and it felt really GREAT. I felt reserved at first because I honestly and truly hate cycling on the roads and the passing traffic really terrifies me a lot. So we came to a compromise and found a nice, traffic free route online and away we went. Halfway through, we decided to stop at ASDA to grab some lunch so that we can sit in the park overlooking the bay and enjoy a bite of lunch. I took some pictures while we were having lunch.
So on our way down towards the bay, it was really an easy cruise, and I hardly had to peddle at all. However, I was semi-conscious of the fact that when you go down, you've got to come up and the ride home won't be quite the same. True enough, coming back, the journey was never ending stretches of uphill and uphill and uphill and my poor heart which has not been pumping so hard for the past two years was coping as best as it could and by the end of the cycle ride, I was absolutely breathless and my legs felt like jelly !! That night, my muscles started to ache and every movement I made was not without effort.... Nevertheless, it was a fantastic cycle ride and I'd do it again anytime.

:: We finally went to the famous Koh Thai for some Thai Tapas after my colleague raved on and on about it. After much deliberation, we finally placed our order and after the waiter had left the table, Steve and I looked at each other and we burst out laughing, and we both knew that as usual, we had perhaps ordered a bit too much for ourselves. Ah well, we wanted to try as many things as possible...

The food was overall not bad... but a bit pricey I think.
We ordered prawn tempura, Thai fishcakes (4 on each plate), spicy thai duck salad, Koh special potato (which was extremely nice), Penang curry with sticky rice and the whole bill came to almost 40pounds. But it was a nice experience and the food was good so it's okay.

:: Saturday night, I finally cracked open my GIANT egg. Beatrice will know that from 10 years ago when I first came to the UK, one of my hobbies was to buy Kinder Egg surprise and collect the tiny toys inside. Steve knows this too and when we were in France last two weeks, he bought me a gigantic Kinder Surprise egg with of course a gigantic toy inside. I have some pictures to show you.
Can you see the difference between the usual Kinder Egg surprise and the giant next to it? haha
So I forgot to take a picture of the toy inside so sorry can't show you that. But it was fun to assemble the toy and it was quite a cool toy as well.

So for the whole of this week, I'll be all on my own in this big office. Boss is outstation, and another colleague is on annual leave *yawn*.... can get a bit boring but I just get on with my stuff and soon it'll be 5pm. A couple of pictures to show you my space. 
My space, a bit messy but it's a lot better than my old desk where I used to teach in Miri.
Empty office. My space is the second computer screen. Notice the big fish hanging on my notice board. Cute?

Okay, time for a cup of tea I think. Catch you later.

Have a good week ahead and thanks for dropping by.


escape2 said...

wei show lah the kinder surprise!!!
it reminds me of ages ago when my aunt came back from germany and she would buy them for us. i have thrown all those toys away though. too much of a clutter

PengPeng彬彬 said...

escape, yeah la i had to give them away when i was coming back from the UK in 2000. i have started another collection now. you are right, it's a bit of a clutter, that's why i rarely buy them... only when i'm on holiday, for the fun of it.

i will go home and take a picture of the toy to show you.


Fely said...

What a lovely way to spend the weekend. The Thai tapas look very delicious!!! £40 i think not too bad for Asian cuisine in a foreign land, ad like you said, if they were nice, then they're worh the money.
When you come visit, perhaps we could go for bike ride here too. Quite nice place to do so, especially in the countryside, away from the main road.
And ya lah!! What is in the egg? XXX

SJB said...

Did you eat the big egg by yourself?. I pun wonder what is in the egg? he.he..

PengPeng彬彬 said...

hahaha everybody wants to know what is in the egg.... i create suspense a bit la...

i come home tonight, take pictures and blog about it :P

fely: well, i guess it will seem expensive when you know how to cook most of the things you order i suppose :P
I loveeee countryside bike ride !!!!stresssfree and enjoyable !! yayyyy...

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you are bored without your 'colleague who raved on about the Thai Tapas' there... I'll be back on Monday! Thanks for spinning my bottles, have I won anything yet?? Would you mind to give my plant a little drink before the week-end? I guess it is hot in Bournemouth as it is here in Cornwall.

PengPeng彬彬 said...

hey 'anonymous' !!!!!

miss you loads !!!!! hahaha... have been giving all YOUR bottles spins with charm... have watered your plants twice so far.. am gonna do it today before i leave :)

hope you're having a great time in cornwall (and don't go picking anything you're not supposed to :P)


Rosfida Abu Sufi said...

PengPeng..giler besar telur tuh...my kids would give everything just to get their hands on it..they love kinder eggs but the ones in Mesia is not like the one you photographed. My boy was like..."waaaaahhhh...."

PengPeng彬彬 said...

rosfida : i knowwwww... i did the same when i first saw it in a carrefour supermarket in france :)))))

wait till i disassemble the toy bit by bit, then i take pictures and blog about it :)

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