Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Stuff British People Like

My colleague forwarded me a blog  -- Stuff White People Like and I think it is absolutely genius and hilarious. After reading the blog, I suddenly had the inspiration to start my own list, through my experience and daily encounter with British people....

Just let it be known that this is entirely my personal opinion and that this list should be taken with a pinch of salt and friends, feel free to add your own...

Stuff British People Like

#1 - Refuse to do something out of 'principles'. It's not that they are kedekut to spend 5 pence on a plastic bag, but out of principle, they WON'T pay for the bag because they think it's wrong. (But it's funny that they don't make it a principle to bring their own bag so they don't have to pay for one?)

#2 - Claim that they have a great sense of humour and believe that they have the funniest comedies on telly while their 'most highly acclaimed' shows like The Fawlty Towers, Yes! Prime Minister, or Blackadder are boring like hell. 'Friends' rule !!

#3 - Go for a drink. What ever they do, where ever they go and what ever the occassion, 'going for a drink' always appeals to all British people. It is something that I took quite sometime to comprehend and would never get because where I am from, going for supper, or going for yum char, or meeting up for dinner ALWAYS seems more attractive than just 'having a drink'.

#4 - Saying 'please'. 'Do you need a bag?' 'Yes, please'; 'How many apples do you want?' '5.... please'; 'Can you pass me the salt, please?'; 'Could I speak to the manager, please?'. 'Can I kick your butt, please?'. And when somebody doesn't say 'please', elderly people make disapproving 'clucking' sound and mutter under their breath 'how rude!'.

#5 - Make small talks at the check outs and think that they are extremely funny and original, having no inclination or the awareness that it was the 101th time I've heard the line 'I've only come in for some milk' for the day.

#6 - Insist on telling you what the weather is like outside when you can clearly see that 'it is pouring down with rain' or 'it is such a glorious, sunny day outside'.

#7 - Practise their newly acquired greetings in Chinese with you. 'Shed Shed... is that how you say it?'...'Erm, it's Xie Xie.'...'Yeah, that's what I said, Shed Shed.'....'Yeah, that's right! You've got it!! (eyes rolling, NOT)

#8 - Go for a walk. Aiyoh, this one, I will never get. Mind you, I am lazy and I get cold easily and I don't like the wind blowing straight into my bones.  As long as it's not pouring down with rain, they always want to go for a walk !!I just don't get that...

Okay, these are a few examples that I can think of. Please feel free to add to the list?


Bea said...

kakakaa..I like and I agree!!!!!!!

SJB said...

Wakakaka funny post lah.

Note: #4 - Memang betul tu hehehe.

eugene said...

you are a genius to have come out with this....

take care now,i want to start thinking now about stuff i like,,,,

PengPeng彬彬 said...

eugene: i can just guess what your list is going to be like

#1 having breakfast in kopitiam
#2 order char keoy teow with si ham from the food court
#3 must have roti canai for breakfast at least once a week...

haha.. just kidding. have a good weekend and i love that picture of your pretty sister :)

Anonymous said...

OMG funny post, although this, is more like
Stuff British People Like that You Don't :P
I get it.
I live in the US and I wrote up a list of
Stuff White People Like that I Don't.

Your list is pretty true, although I'd have to say I find Brit humor funny az hell esp Monty Python and Blackadder. Not to mention, they did The Office first, and then the US copied it.

To add, I think British people enjoy making fun of themselves. More than the Americans or most other people. endearing humor but perhaps a kind of apologetic thing to be more down to earth and repress that guilt for trying to take over the world once upon a time.

Pete said...

He he he, I like British comedy too! Especially Benny Hill....LOL!

PengPeng彬彬 said...

pete : haha, can't stand british comedies.. but i do like one or two, like 'blackbook', 'spaced' and those are the modern ones :)

kakjah : thanks for stopping by :)

zoe said...

hehehe..this is funny!

but i have to add football in the list!

qahina said...

Hillarious! A very thought provoking post- how abt stuff malaysians abroad like to do but British won't agree? LOL
Yeah you hit bulls eye on comedy. You should include literature ie books too. :)
Xie xie!

Anonymous said...
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Gracie Nelson said...
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