Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Let's make that list

I was cracking my head for ideas for my latest blog entry when I suddenly remembered that I promised escape2 that I would create a 'things that make me happy' list like the one she'd made on her blog.

This list is how I feel, currently !!


1. my sleep pattern is slowly going back to normal and that I only woke up once during the night coughing.
2. I'm not working at M&S tonight and i can relax tonight
3. the sun is shining and the temperature is becoming milder and milder, signalling the arrival of summertime
4. it's a short working week this week.
5. can't wait to go home and catch up on my chinese drama (such a time waster)
6. chatting with fely on bb messenger on a daily basis
7. my parents are well
8. am in a happy relationship :)
9. have got a job
10. have a nice hobby -- crochet and knitting
11. steve can cook
12. have got a GIANT easter egg at home waiting for me to open !!!
13. i like processed chicken nuggets

Okay I think I shall stop here because this list can go on and on and on with very ridiculous thoughts of mine :)

We've just come back from a long weekend away to France, St. Valerie Sur Somme, to be exact. It was great and relaxing. We knew what to expect because we went to an area nearby for Steve's birthday last year. We drove to Dover on Thursday night and spent a night in a hotel before crossing over to Dunkerque on the ferry the next morning. Although it was a relaxing holiday for me, less so for Steve I guess coz he had to do a lot of driving. From Bournemouth to Dunkerque, and then Dunkerque to St. Valerie. But I managed to keep him happy by getting him an FM transmitter for his Iphone so that he could listen to his Harry Potter audio books in the car, so that was good. I also got him a box of mini easter eggs from Hotel Chocolate which he appreciated by eating three different ones in a row. But he topped me by sneaking out of bed early on Easter Sunday and hid 21 chocolate easter eggs all over the place and I had to hunt for them to get my Easter present :) that was great fun and needless to say, I excelled at that easter egg hunt because I am anal when it comes to looking at all nooks and corners for missing items. We've taken a few pictures but I haven't got the camera with me at the moment so the pictures will have to wait. We ended up with only a few pictures because we took loads of pictures when we went there last year. And plus a certain idiot (that would be me) had brought along the tripod but had managed to lose the screw that holds the camera onto the tripod so you go figure....Nevertheless, overall a very happy trip with me getting my seafood fix of oysters which we bought from the morning market which I shucked myself; cockles which were simply boiled quickly and eaten with chillie and garlic; and prawns with cheese and bread and olives; and not to mention, boullabaisse, the famous french fish soup which we cooked (I said 'we', but my part involves only doing the dishes in the end, as usual) after getting fresh ingredients of fish, mussles and prawns from the market !! yummy !! (in case you're wondering, we didn't eat all that in one sitting)

Okay my stomach is growling; time for lunch.

Have a lovely week.


Fely said...

HAHAHAHAHAH!!! I thought I did a lot of eating last weekend. Clearly, you did a lot more than me! Yummmmmmmm....ALL THOSE SEAFOOD!!!

I love you happy list. Nice and very down to earth. The thing about life is, sometimes we overlook the little things in life which could make us just as happy as the bigger things that we might not be able to achieve. I shall do a happy list soon too. Good to stop and reflect on things like this once in a while.

Have you had your lunch yet? XXX

PengPeng彬彬 said...

eating korean pot noodles :P

escape2 said...

so are those easter eggs going to end up in your tummy too??

PengPeng彬彬 said...

escape : of course... that's the whole point mah :P

SJB said...

Good list :D.

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