Monday, 21 June 2010

A pleasant surprise and my first project.

So two things happened last week. I was co-organising a conference and also I bought myself a sewing machine.

I had to miss the conference dinner on Thursday because I was working in the evening. The next day boss handed me a gift box, saying that it was a token of appreciation from the assocation that I was helping to organise the Conference for.
It was definitely a very pleasant surprise because I hadn't expected it. As curious as I was, I didn't want to rip open the packaging to see what it was because after all, we were still at the Conference. But I sneaked a peek as soon as I got chance and absolutely loved the gift.
You can't really see it clearly but it's a thin silver chain with an apple. It's really lovely and cute. The Conference was held on the 7th Floor of the Executive Business Centre and needless to say, it was equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and I was particularly taken by the 'techno booths' especially designed for group discussions.
Of course back in those student days, we weren't privileged enough to have such hi-tech equipment that would have made group discussions on presentations so much easier. You sit in groups and view your slides together and one of you can make any necessary changes to the slides and you can plug in your own laptop too. I notice these techno booths in the library too. So canggih ah?

So after fiddling with my new sewing machine for a couple of days I decided to make an ironing mat, which would be my first project. I started off trying to make a quilt-like mat but halfway through realised that a quilt is not going to be ideal for ironing on as you can imagine that whatever you iron will have grooves and lines on them. So I did patch work on one side, and plain cotton fabric as the backing, which would be the side that I'll use for ironing. These pictures show you the sequence of the project.
Arranging the squares for patching.
Stitching them together stage by stage.
Preparing to stitch the front, middle and back together.
And adding a binding on the edges. This was the state as of last night before I went to bed. Having a bit of problem doing the binding coz it's a pain in the backside. I hope to be able to finish it tonight as I'll be working nights for the next three days and won't be able to touch my sewing machine again till Friday night.
Oh and totally unrelated, I bought a box of 'Curiously strong mint' from Marks and Spencer just so that I can use the tin for my pins.
I was going round all evening trying to force my colleagues to finish the mints so that I can start using the tin box. Crazy. I had one of the boys stuff his mouth with 7 mints at one time. Bless him.
Oh here's my sewing space. Quite a small area but I'm utilising every inch of available space and still it was a bit tight.
Okay. After I finish this first project, I'll be looking for something else to make. So till then, adios.


escape2 said...

the apple pendant is lovely

Bea said...

yes, I like the bling bling apple!

eh.. the flower motif you used for your patch work is gorgeous! But cloth is expensive kan in this country! sigh!!!!but why are you making an ironing mat?!? and not something for me????

PengPeng彬彬 said...

bea, yeah lor.... everything about sewing IS expensive here !! but fabric sometimes if you go to the shop you can buy a selection of 4 fat quarters (1/4 of a metre) so then you don't have to spend money buying a metre of everything you need lor... saves a bit of money that way...

be patient and i might make something for you *wink*

SJB said...

Ohhh nice quilt.

Fely said...

Lovely lovely lovely ironing mat. Sudah try kah? What's the next project then? Cuba bah you try make an item of clothing pula, it's really fun. Tapi have to have pattern lah...

maybe we should co-cordinate a project soon. Make similar thing and compare results. That would be fun!

PengPeng彬彬 said...

SJB : hehe it turned out to be an ironing mat... belum siap lagi pun coz i've been working evenings for the past two nights...

Fely: that is a BRIL idea !! but mind you, you've had months of experience ahead of me and fabric coming out of your ears.... so i am handicapped to some level :P but.... i don't mind trying it coz it sounds like fun !!

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