Tuesday, 6 July 2010


I have been working non-stop and trying to squeeze in as much time as possible to sit down at my sewing machine and to finish off the second project that I started more than a week ago.

Last night, I finally managed to do that and am happy to announce that I'm pleased with the end result. Again, it isn't perfect but it was a great and fun learning experience, while I had the opportunity to explore and to discovery more and more the capacity of my lovely sewing machine.

Now what could it be?
The reason I included this picture is although it makes no sense as to revealing what it is, I really love the contrast of the two fabrics.
Is it becoming clearer now? They are not brilliant pictures I'm afraid because they are snapped with the basic camera that came with my mobile.
There, you can finally see what it is. It's a rolled up pouch for my knitting and crochet needles, plus my circular needles for knitting, scissors and a ruler as well with space for more. Although it looks simple, it was actually quite time consuming, trying to get the lines straight and the column width equal and if you click on the picture you'll see the decorative stitch which is in the shape of tiny stars and I'm pleased as punch with that (simple mind, I know). I didn't follow any particular pattern for this. I looked at a few different sample projects online and then decided on what I wanted for myself and proceeded to create this from Steve's old pair of jeans and some fat quarter fabric when I first bought fabric for the sewing machine three weeks back.  The top flap is so secure that I don't think I'll ever lose any needles from this pouch :)

And more shopping for me, trying to get my sewing corner more and more equipped! Coincidentally John Lewis was having a clearance sale so I managed to get some really good bargain with all these half price !
Right! Totally unrelated... Now that it's OFFICIALLY summertime (woohoo) Steve and I have been swimming in the sea a few times and it was absolutely refreshing !! We would finish work at 6pm and we'd drive straight down to the beach (5 minutes) and within seconds, we were splashing water at each other in the sea. Of course, each time there is always the initial shock to the body when you first get into the slightly cool water, but once your body gets used to it, it's amazing! That's why I'm finding it extra hard to find time to sit down at my sewing machine because we're really making the most of Summer. And not only that, we have taken to parking the car at the car park overlooking Studland while enjoying a spot of dinner and appreciating the sunset after our swim. I took a picture from the car during one of those evenings.
That's the chain ferry that takes passengers and vehicles from Sandbanks across to Studland and back.  And of course there are sailboats and luxury mini yacht and kayaks and jet skis and people fishing too. Lots and lots to see and we always enjoy these evenings.

Okay, it is now 1am and if I don't go to bed now it will be so difficult waking up tomorrow morning.

Thanks for stopping by and I really can't wait to start on my next project !!


escape2 said...

the pocket is a brilliant idea.
well, go and enjoy your summer now that it is here. sewing can always wait but not the sun

Bea said...

Peng, I also want one plsssssssss.... i make u a trade for the penguin!!!! hehehe..cos at this rate, i will never get a sewing machine!!

PengPeng彬彬 said...

hhehehehe.... i memang want to make you one bah but it might be a while yet before i can get it to you coz i've just finished this one and the last thing i want to do now is to start another similar project... let me do a couple more other projects and then i'll start working on one for you :) i even wrote down the measurement so that when i make another one, i'll know how big to cut the fabric bah :)

PengPeng彬彬 said...
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Fely said...

Yay for a finished project!!!! Feels so great kan to have done something like this. CK bag next! That is sooooooo exciting!!!

SJB said...

Agree with escape2, Very brilliant idea. Anyway, will wait for your next project.

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