Thursday, 15 July 2010

Addiction of the highest degree.

Having been assured by Fely on how fun and easy it is to do this project, I started on it last Saturday morning as early as 8.00am. This new hobby of mine has seen me act in ways that I've never acted before, jumping out of bed at 7.45am on a Saturday morning is one of them.

If you have been following Fely's blog, you would have seen the completed project but I thought I'll share with you some step by step pictures anyway.

So this is what we're aiming for...
But the end product looked somewhat different, and I'll explain how.
The first step done and already I was bursting with excitement.
The pack of pre-cut fabric didn't actually come with any lining and also it was optional according to the instruction. But I thought it would be nice and also would make it thicker to have a lining so I went in search for one and found this piece of bandena lying around and thought it was PERRRFECT !! Of course, I have loads of other fabric sitting in the drawers that are also suitable but I was very reluctant to cut into any of that and this piece of bandena came free with a pair of Chef trousers that Steve had ordered years and years ago and so it will be happy that it is finally being put to good use.
It is ironed, cut and stitched into becoming the lining for the bag.
And then the bag itself is made with the lining sitting inside snuggly.
By this time, I was absolutely dying to stitch everything together and quickly proceeded to attaching the two pieces of fabric that would make the top edge of the bag.
Oooooo, it is all coming together nicely and I was so pleased. And then I continued to tidy up the top and even created an inside pocket on the lining.
Beaming with pride I took this picture after stitching the top neatly and nicely.
And then it suddenly hit me.... wait a minute.... something seems to be missing....... !!! Upon checking the instruction again, I then realised that in my haste to start stitching everything in place, I had missed out one CRUCIAL step and proceeded to taking everything apart when I realised that I had no other options. One thing you learn with sewing is lots and lots of patience and resilience and in Fely's words - Breathe in, breathe out... breathe in, breathe out........ And then the missing crucial bit was added and finally the picture looked right.
You see what I mean? The missing bit was rather important, wasn't it? 

While I was doing all this, a certain creature was being quite cute and I couldn't help but take a picture of her.
After this, I proceeded to making the strap and stitching it and making buttonholes and sewing on the buttons and because they were rather a pain in the bum I didn't take any pictures. Just wanted to get it done. And walaaaa......
 With Fely, she's got Princess Nia to model the completed project for her.
In my case, I have this...
Not quite as lively, but it'll do, for now. And what I did differently from the instruction was that instead of stitching the buttons attaching the strap on the outside, I decided to hide the ends of the strap inside the bag because I do not like the look of the end bits sticking out. So it looked like this close up.
Overall, a REALLY, REALLY satisfying project and there was a mixture of happiness and regret when I came to the end, happiness for the completion of the bag, regret for I had enjoyed making it so much !!


escape2 said...

nice work there. so how are you going to use the bag???

PengPeng彬彬 said...

Thanks escape. Gonna use it as a normal handbag lor. very cute. maybe i will take a picture of me holding the bag. the best thing about making your own bag is that you can decide how long the strap of the bag's gonna be...

Fely said...

kan kan kan? So much fun kan this project!!! Nanti we find more bag projects like this and make make make. We're sew crazy! LOL!

SJB said...

Hahaha Fely fely sew crazy lagi tu hahahah. Anyway, what happen to the bear?. Macam hilang buluh dia kekeke.

Audrey Wiles said...

hahahhah u go crazy girl!!! dam we teslians are waaaaayyyy creative! well done girl! post one finished product to me ok!

ash said...

so living in the uk makes all the teslians domestic and craft goddesses? the things you girls are able to conjure up. that's a really pretty bag btw :)

eugene said...

well done keep up the good works dear....have a fantastic week ahead

PengPeng彬彬 said...

Fely : I've got a purse that I want to do.. you interested? i know you have the kids' quilt to work on next but maybe you have time in between for this mini project? haha..

SJB : his name is spencer and he thinks he's the bear model of the year and his buluh tidak hilang leh, perhaps needs a wash :P

Audrey: you're probably 4th or 5th in the queue... one day i might surprise you :)

ash : i memang interested in crafts for a long time bah.. this is just different technique and material, hehe... and that bag was damn easy to make.. all fabric pre-cut and instructions ready. just had to stitch everything together..

eugene : you too and hope your wifey is getting better and better each day !!

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