Monday, 26 July 2010

A Weekend Project

Another weekend gone and another project completed.

On Friday night when I got home, I originally started cutting out bits and pieces for another project but just as I was about to start sewing everything together, I realised that I haven't got enough material to complete the project so I had to postpone it and I then started making something else when I woke up on Saturday morning. Somebody did warn me that this sewing thing is very addictive and yessss, I completed yet another project while listening to the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows audiobook on my ipod dock, over the weekend. Mind you, I didn't exactly spend my whole weekend glued to the machine. I have decided that waking up early on Saturdays and Sundays is the best way to squeeze some sewing time in before you have to do other weekend chores. And I love it. 

So what exactly did I make this time? I'll show you with a series of pictures.
I had a very happy model holding it up for me. So what is it? Let's look at it closely.
It's a quilted wallet. I found the pattern here but didn't follow it strictly coz I modified it slightly to include a coin pouch.
It's got 6 credit card slots and a zippered coin pouch and I especially love this label I attached with it as well.
In the past I've always completed a project at night and the pictures were always taken at night so doesn't really look natural. This morning, I managed to take another picture of it and this one shows the real colours of the wallet.
Again, this is not a perfect project and I'm still learning lots from sewing it but overall I am quite satisfied with it and so is my Dear Sweet Colleague, who is now the proud owner of this quilted wallet, although she insisted that it is more like a jewellery pouch than a wallet :P . Ever since I started sewing, I've always wanted to make something special for her and today, I did. 

On another note, Monday is always a happy day in the office because there are quite often exchanges of gifts. I found this on my table when I got into work this morning.
A rock candy from Devon, a cute little froggy card wishing me a 'Hoppy Monday' and a lovely ,lovely gift tag the shape of a bird with a really cute button on it. I love Mondays !!

Okay, let's hope that there will be more post waiting for me when I get home so that I can resume the project I started on Friday.

These came for me last Friday and how cute are they?!
Alright folks, till the next post, take care now.


eugene said...

You know penguin,You know pe you just reminded me of this kind of quilted wallet that I promised to buy for my lovely wife. Mmmmm

eugene said...

I am sorry, I meant peng peng not penguin typo error

PengPeng彬彬 said...

hahahahah you can call me penguin, i dont mind. it's quite cute...

you think your wife will like this wallet??


escape2 said...

very cute pile of cloths. can't wait to see new cute projects. make yourself a pajamas!

Anonymous said...

Your DSC looooves the fabric wallet very much so thank you again for this. I'm sorry that I've spoiled your plans by wanting to put my jewellery in it - it's nice that your projects are so adaptable, no?? Oops best get back to work x

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