Sunday, 1 August 2010

On Life and Marriage

Tonight I had a lesson in life.

A few of us from work went out for pizza and it was a good laugh because it was a big group of us and there was a cacophony of laughter and hooting and jeering and clapping and shouting across one end of the table to the other. 

However, amongst all the chaos there were also whispered and hushed outpourings of emotions and feelings about life.  

When you are stuck in a loveless and meaningless marriage, what do you do? How do you find happiness?

When you have two young children to think about and no family support, do you have the courage to walk away and start afresh?

Sometimes, when you learn about other people's problems in life, apart from feeling sorry for them, it also puts your own life into perspective. Suddenly, you appreciate that although sometimes you can't have what you want, at least you have a happy life. 

I think marriage is a tricky thing. I have never been married so I am not qualified to say a lot about it. But what I do learn from talking to people and reading about others' lives is that people who are in a happy marriage, are very lucky people indeed.

When a marriage has failed, does it mean that the two people who originally fell in love and got married, do not love each other anymore?

When a marriage has failed, does it mean that the two people did not try hard enough to make it work?

8 out of 10 ten times, failed marriages always end rather horribly. Why is that?

Like I said, it is a tricky thing and I can bet you nobody will have the right answer to that. 

It is only my random but meaningful pondering for tonight.

If you are in a happy marriage, I am truly happy for you. Love and cherish your other half, always.


eugene said...

Only my thought dear, for a marriage to work,two parties must realize that individually we are imperfect and we need the other to compliment our flaw and trust me have faith in God.

We must to have a real love of each other, for without it, it is very hard to weather through the storms and have faith that your marriage will last for life,

as for me, i always have that faith that my marriage will last forever,and she is the one for me................

marriage is not based on good feeling but it is based on all feelings felt good...

take care and god bless

Bea said...

I'm happy so far but then I haven't been married long...I think when a marriage fails, it doesn't mean you stop loving each other but the love or affection is misplaced and the feeling of betrayal and hurt is stronger and so they forget the love they had for each other and start to hate each other. And if they don still love each other, I don't think the hurt would be that strong. and I don think you need to be married to understand that. Anyone who's been in a long enough relationship feels the same way... and being married is overrated!!! More often than not, ppl go into marriage expecting a lot and then get disappointed and the marriage starts failing... it's very sad.

PengPeng彬彬 said...

thanks for the thoughts, both eugene and bea. what you have said, you have said it well.

i just felt so sad when i heard her story last night.... and wondered what i would do if i was in her shoe...

escape2 said...

guess there is no such thing called perfection

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