Saturday, 3 October 2009

The Reunion (Part I)

For the whole of last week leading towards Friday, I went about my usual chores and activities in a state of constant excitement and a high state of elation.

I was meeting up with Fely in London town, after 8 years of not seeing each other. Our first attempt was back in July but it got canceled three days beforehand due to bloody swine flu. So this time round, we were a lot calmer and we did not even start counting down the weeks like we did the first time (but we counted down the days, of course).

On Thursday night, I finished work at 10pm and came straight home without buying anything (except for three donuts for the journey) because I knew that I had an early start the next day to catch the coach to London at 5.25am. I went to bed happily, knowing that I had set the alarm for 4.30am.

When I woke again, it was Steve nudging me and telling me that it was 5.05am.


Steve said... I can run you down there in 10 minutes, but the question is, can you get ready in time? Good question.

I remembered moaning (aloud) while attempting to dress myself up sensibly and in a presentable manner fit for London town.

No time to brush hair, rushed to toilet to have a wee, and into the bathroom to have an express teeth brushing (don't want Fely to faint)...

By 5.15am, we were in the car heading towards the coach station.

Thank goodness there was no traffic at that time of the morning... but of course we were stuck behind a slow cab once (it's rather unthinkable to overtake a car in the UK on a non-dual carriage way) and it took us a while before we could overtake the cab... then we were stuck behind a truck....and after several agonizing turns on the road, we finally got rid of the truck.

By sheer luck and speed, Steve managed to get me to the coach station just as the coach driver was about to start the engine !!!!

So I was safely on the coach heading towards London and my heart was singing while I was enjoying my donuts~~


Fely said...

pictures!!!! i am yet to blog about this. can't get on the comp with babies clinging on to me! i'll do it asap xxx

wenn said...

wow..London..hv a nice day..

escape2 said...

you guys really have eventful meeting. can't wiat for the next part

ash said...

hehe lucky steve woke you up! can't wait to read about the rest of your reunion. but why did you guys wait so long? both in southern england what...

qahina said...

ha ha..u really cracked me up! thank god u didnt miss the bus. Pictures pleaseeeeeee! I wanna see u both in the latest greatest look! hi hi

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