Sunday, 4 October 2009

The Reunion (Part II)

So I arrived in London in good timing at around 8.10am. Walked from the coach station to the train station and text-ed Fely to let her know I'll be standing outside HMV (so old-fashioned, haha).

Seriously, one word of advice, never travel within London on the public transport during rush hour. The people streaming out of the trains, through the gates, into the station... they have no souls.. they are just empty shells with one single objective in their minds - must get to work, must get to work, get OUT OF MY WAY, get OUT OF MY WAY !!! Every single one of them have a dazed look in their eyes and crossing their path is a huge huge mistake and if you're not careful, you'll get run down by this constant stream of human traffic.

So there I was, with me tea in my hand and standing outside HMV, mentally preparing myself for the arrival of a friend whom I've not seen for 8 years. When she arrived, I knew that all the mental preparation was not needed, she looked just like she was when we said our goodbyes after our graduation in Mint Hotel in 2001. It's amazing huh, after 8 years of not seeing each other, and after a longgggg hug, we picked up from where we had left and started yakking as if we're on one of our weekly coffee meets.

Without wasting time, we made our way to the Malaysian Embassy to get the serious business done before we can have a proper pig out at Leicester Square (Leh-ches-ter Square, as we were constantly making fun of it) as formerly agreed. I was on a mission - to get Fely to the embassy as quick as possible so that we can get an early appointment and be done with the application in no time at all !!! I became one of those empty souls with a single objective in my mind and elbowed anyone who stands in my way!!! So all thanks to the forever useful Blackberry, we didn't get lost and managed to find our way to Belgrave Square where lots and lots of embassies were situated.

After getting Fely's passport renewed, we then had time to walk slowly and to take some really nice pictures..

PS: Remember I got dressed in the dark, and in a haste :P so don't be too harsh on what I was wearing... :P


Fely said...

What's wrong with what you were wearing?? You looked absolutely fine! And I like those boots! XXX

wenn said...

interesting time with yr friend..nice..

Doria Robert Kawen said...

yeah..both of u looked gorgeous! what did u hv for lunch?did u manage to go to Chinatown?

escape2 said...

sisterhood of the travelling leggings?? i also wanna wear leggings!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh I like both pairs of boots! Leh-Ces-ter Square brings back so many memories. Glad you had a good time in London. Is it the centre for both of you? 1.5 hours doesn't sound too daunting;you can make this a monthly thing, and then regale us with new stories. Ashley

PengPeng彬彬 said...

perhaps in future i shall travel slightly later than 5.20am then.. haha.

or we could meet up in Brighton !! more eating then !!!

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