Monday, 23 November 2009

I've been hit by a block

Lately my blogging juice has run dry and I have nothing to blog about.

Can't be bothered to blog.

Too lazy to think.

Matters are too trivial to blog about.

Blanket is slowly but surely growing bigger at a steady speed.

Christmas is creeping up fast and gift ideas have not yet popped up.

I just realised that I've lost my spectacles and they are nowhere to be found and it hurts my eyes staring at the screen without them.

Question for you: Are you currently happy?

Talk to me if you're not....I'm listening.


ash said...

Everyone goes through this once in a while. Don't worry, we'll be waiting happily (albeit impatiently) for you to get back into the mood. In the meantime, enjoy your blankie

tiee said...

hey, i'm experiencing that too. But my case, i think exhaustion and laziness. Too busy to think. hmmm..don't worry, we don't have to write everyday.

SJB said...

Same here sometime.

Doria Robert Kawen said...

yeah me too..esp at this time..when I hv issue with my transfer..argh!

shirley said...

i almost give up blogging.. but i keep going on.. actually there are so much to write about..u just need time.. take your time..

qahina said...

most of time when I'm happy there's a lot of things to blog...and when I'm frustrated or dissapointed with something I want to rant abt it I'll think twice and wish to shut down my blog than let ppl view into the side of my life I'm not happy abt. But writing is good for the soul sometimes - u noticed how writers could reach into your innermost fears and tribulations while they're miles apart? yeah..that's what i mean. Keep on writing, but when it gets bad, talk to someone rather than write abt it to avoid something u regret. :)
I've been blogging a while now babe but still struggling :)Miss your updates..continue yeah.

wenn said...


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