Saturday, 14 November 2009

Spider web on my blog

I was pressured into writing this new entry because Fely has laughingly commented that there are now spider webs on my blog....

I was going to drive down and see Fely in Eastbourne this weekend, but with gale force wind of up to 80mph, I think I have made the wise decision of postponing this trip of mine. Plus, I can't see very well driving in the rain, surely that is a bit dangerous?! And our missus in Eastbourne is busy getting the whole family back to Malaysia for a two-week holiday and I don't want to risk being accidentally 'packed' into one of the bags amidst the chaos :P

Steve is a lot braver than I am so he's taken my car and two friends, to go up to London to have a 'boys' get-together', leaving me plenty of time for my little projects, my cafe world and my 'one tree hill'.

When I was in Reading last, Beatrice gave me a brilliant idea of making a pair of baby booties for a friend's new born and in fact, she managed to find a pattern and made a really cute one.

So since then, I've also managed to find a really useful and simple to follow tutorial on youtube, and successfully created a pair of really cute looking mary jane baby slippers, except that I've taken such a long time to finish them, the baby's feet could have possibly outgrown them by now.

Since I don't have a real baby as my model, Felix the cat has volunteered her pretty long legs for me to test the slippers on and they look just so cute. And digging through my knitting accessory bag, I found some teddy bear buttons that go really well with the slippers. As usual, pictures were taken with my Blackberry camera so quality of the picture leaves much to be desired for. Speaking of camera on my BB, when we were in London, my phone was unfortunately dropped on the floor and the camera ceased working. Rang up Orange, got a new phone to replace the old one.

Everything's good after I have successfully backed up old information onto the new mobile, except I have now lost my 'home-brewed' theme which I spent hours creating and the ability to read and write Chinese characters because I have lost the multilanguage software pack on the phone which I painstakingly installed. Writing a letter to my mum last weekend was a struggle because usually I have a vague idea of the shape of the Chinese character but have to look up my BB to get every stroke, dot and dash in the word right. I studied the Chinese language for 12 years in school and this is how I ended up.

Dad used to tell me, 'Make sure you read and write Chinese as often as you can so that you don't forget'. I know now the true meaning in this advice. Sadly, these days I express myself better in English than in Chinese.  But I get the occasional forwarded emails in Chinese so I force myself to read the emails word for word so that I don't forget the language all together.

My latest project is a crochet ripple blanket with the instruction from the great Lucy in Attic24. I just love Lucy's blog and her posts are really inspiring and uplifting. She's got such charisma and positive energy in her that every time I read her post, I feel like I'm sharing her joys in life. To think that we are all total strangers reading about each others' lives on the Internet, it's truly amazing.

As usual, in my determination to be Little Miss Perfect, I have spent the past two days, doing and undoing, redoing and un-redoing my project because I really want to get the foundation right. So we shall wait and see if this is going to be another one of my infamous 'abandoned' projects, much like the building construction work in Malaysia.

Okay folks, I have duly performed my duty and shall now go back to my 'project' and I will keep you posted with my progress (or non-progress).



Bea said...

ripple blanket??? aiyoh! even I don't have such a big ambition!!! but good luck! keep showing us the progress ah!...did you send the baby booties to your friend? if not, just post them lah...

Fely said...

Alas!!! There is a post!! Looks like you're keeping yourself very busy. Those booties are well cute! I'm sure Garth would've liked them if he was a girl.

Yes, this weather is madness. Thank goodness you cancelled the journey. It's like hurricane here.

Ok, keep us updated wth your projects ok. x

SJB said...

Ohhhh love the booties (*_*). So cuteeeee.

wenn said...

hv a wonderful time..

eugene said...

so seriously you are going to see Fely befores she leaves for Malaysia? so happy to hear this,if you are meeting with here, garth and nia and the hubby, take a lot of picutes and share with me, ok,Peng Peng?

ash said...

You and your BB! Well I wish I were as technologically savvy as you but guess it's never going to happen. Keep us updated on your ripple project. She took a long long time to do hers too so I'm thinking this is going to be at least a one year project if it's going to be completed. Show us your progress yeah.

tiee said...

Wow...u r sure a woman with many talents. and patience to finally managed to come up with that cute booties! I admire u for that. I can only stand doing that for half an hour. Yikes...And i can't follow instructions just by reading them. I need someone to do a real demo in front of me. Salute u Miss 'almost' perfect.

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