Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Will the questions ever stop?!

When you first embark on a relationship with someone, everyone is happy for you and they wish you well.

After two years, the questions start coming in ....'When are you getting married?'....'Do you plan to get married?'...'When do you plan to have babies?' ...'Are you getting married soon?'....

So after being with my other half for more than four years, you can imagine the questions come from left, right and centre at all times.

Frankly I am quite fed up with these questions. I know, I know, I know from the bottom of my heart that half of these people who ask these questions are genuinely concerned for my well-being (the other half being the classic Ke-Po-Chi)...

Quite honestly, I do not have answers to all these questions and it's rather tiring having to explain yourself over and over again... and believe you me, the questioning session doesn't stop after the first one.... it is a series of questions with a full-on the end of it, I am often left with the urge to shout to the person's face...BUGGER OFF AND MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS !!

Perhaps I shouldn't be surprised that people are asking these questions... afterall I, like many other girls, have pictured myself meeting the right person, getting married, and having children. I happen to be stuck at the first stage for a long time without proceeding any further and people are beginning to wonder why.

I once heard a friend say something rather casual but it had such a great impact on me.

'When you are too busy worrying about the future, you often neglect to enjoy and cherish the present.'

It is very, very simple and yet very, very true.

With that in mind, I am now a much, much happier person.

Some people may say that I am trying to convince myself more than anything...

But the truth is, I honestly don't mind.

Now, all I need to do is to convince my mother to stop worrying (wish me luck).

On a completely separate issue, I have a question for you to ponder upon...

What would you do, when you are at the check-out at the supermarket, it is your turn to pay and your mobile phone starts to ring? Do you...

a. ignore the call because you know that you can check the missed call later and ring the person back
b. take the call but end it quickly telling the other person that you are at the check out and that it is rude to talk on the phone
c. take the call, expect the cashier to pack your shopping for you, and when she's finished packing your shopping for you, you throw your money down, take the change and then leave the till without even a smile, a glance, or a 'thank you'

Sometimes, it's good to watch our mobile phone etiquettes because it is too easy for people to be rude these days without even realising it. Who knows, you might just make someone's day a less miserable one :)


ash said...

Hope your 'up' feeling stays up. No need to worry overmuch about what others say. If and when you both are ready, you'll be get married etc etc. But if you feel ready and he doesn't have a clue, then you need to let him know how you feel.

Bea said...

who is it this time that asked you?? sigh... ignore them lah bah unless they are important! you just do what you feel like!


Fely said...

Like you said, the questions are endless. The minute Nick and I got married, they started asking us when the babies will come. Once, when a friend came to visit us when garth was only 2 weeks old, he asked us when we're planning for the 3rd one??!!! Shheessshhh!

People are like that lah..kepoh chi one. Nak buat macam mana. Just keep calm and carry on.


Nite that this is only 6.03 am. I am still jet lagged.

Fely said...

i meant to say 'note'.

PengPeng彬彬 said...

haha poor fely. thanks girls *hugs*

SJB said...

I will say the same thing "BUGGER OFF AND MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS !!" (*_*).

For the quiz (*_*).
I will say "B".

Doria Robert Kawen said...'s ok dear..the time will come,dont worry..I know,ur mum mesti dah tanya berjuta2 kali kan..hehee...I met hubby in 1999 and married him in 2003.My mum kept asking me the same ques too but it was me who kept rejecting his propose!wakakaa...

tiee said...

It's normal. Ppl will always ask u many types of questions. After I got married, ppl started asking when to have babies. After having the 1st child, they kept asking when's the second. The questions will never end dear. Sometimes they really irk you but as long as you know what you are doing it's ok. Don't bother bout others!

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