Monday, 7 December 2009

Click, click, click.

Honestly I should not be allowed to go online.

Remember I told you about the crochet book I bought over the weekend?

Well, I found another book by the same author on Amazon. Instead of crochet, this book is on knitting and yesss you guessed right, within three clicks of the mouse, the item is now on its way to my house. I just love the way the book is written and how the patterns are clearly explained to someone who is 'formulae-challenged' like I am. Apart from a mini diagram illustrating the stitches of the whole project, each pattern also comes with recommendation for the type of wool to use which I found extremely useful. So I am hoping that this book on knitting will also be the same. Really I am extremely excited about starting on a project from the book and to show you how I've done. I have accumulated so many balls of unused yarn really I think it's high time I did something useful with them.

Now, now, don't panic, the American blanket is still very much in progress, so there is no need to judge me just yet.

It's a rainy and wet Monday today.... as the British would say it ....'It is absolutely disgusting out there'.

See you later.


Jay said...

Waiting to see the product of your project. Not to forget to wish you merry christmas.

Bea said...

You've got to show me your books!

PengPeng彬彬 said...

bea oh yesss i will. I know you can find loads of free patterns online but it's not the same having a book, isn't it? it's so nice to be able to physically flip through a book and browse and run your hands over coloured patterns and instructions.

SJB said...

Wander how the American blanket look like (*_*).

PengPeng彬彬 said...

haha SJB trying to catch me out... will post a pic on here soon :P

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