Sunday, 27 September 2009

The night I dressed up to be a punk girl.

We were invited to an 80s fancy dress birthday party months ago and at that time I knew I was working that night so I didn't even bother thinking about going because by the time I finished work at 10pm it would be too late to join the party in any form of fancy dress.

Next door to Steve is a fancy dress shop (how convenient) and being a typical man, he left it till Thursday before he decided to look for a 'cool and suitable' costume to rent. He got me into the shop with him so that I could help him decide between a Jedi master (that looked really cool) or a Top Gun pilot. Although the Jedi master outfit would have been cool and unusual with a 'light saber', in the end we decided that the Top Gun pilot jumpsuit would be a more sensible and practical choice. And there I was, standing amongst many many fancy dress costumes and my decision of not going was beginning to waver... and Steve urged me ... Oh go on, try something on, you can always ask to leave work an hour or two earlier and join us... it'll be fun.

It didn't take much persuasion before I started browsing the rack through various types of Madonna's outfits, and choices of random skirts and tops from the 80s. It's not fair that guys have so many choices but girls only have Madonna or other random unknown costumes. In the end, I settled on a punk dress purely because I could fit in it quite easily. And the lady who runs the shop gave me some ideas like wearing fish net stockings and other accessories to create the effect. And we really went all out and I got myself a pair of lacy fingerless gloves, a choker, some plastic rings to create fake facial piercing and even a can of red hair spray!!! Then it occurred to me that there is no way I'm going to finish work at 9pm, get ready in the locker room and be there to still enjoy the party. So I decided to get someone to do my shift on Saturday night. Not only have I spent money renting a costume, I was also going to lose money not working that night (I must be mad).

So anyway, we were busy during the day leading to the party in the evening because Steve was catering for the party so we started preparing the food before noon and got all the food ready and delivered by 5pm, and we raced home to get ready. Now this is the exciting bit, making my very Chinese-looking-self look punk (I know).

I changed into my dress, got my fish-net stockings on and I honestly did not look a bit punk and I was really disappointed. So I went over to my neighbour's house and decided to enlist her help. So she painted my nails neon orange, green and yellow. And then she crimped my hair to make it slightly puffy and the last bit was creating streaks of red on my hair with the hairspray and that did the trick !! And to finish it off, she applied some eyeshadow on me and some colour on my cheekbones and thank goodness I started to look slightly 'punk'.

It was such a night and there were other costumes like Banana man, the hulk, other punk boys and girls, miami vice.... it was fantastic. We danced and partied our way through classic songs from the 80s and we got home at almost 3am and I had to jump into the shower and washed my hair before going to bed so that I didn't stain the pillow case. I nearly fell asleep in the shower.

Overall it was a great night !!!

PS: I didn't have the fake piercing in the end because it was too painful on the nose and the ears :P and the rings refused to clip firmly onto my eyebrows !!


wenn said...

hi..u do look punky..that's nice..

Pete said...

Ha ha, it would be nice to have a ring around the nose! LOL!

escape2 said...

yeay to punk!

Fely said...

How cool was that!!!! Think we should have this kind of party soon!Lol!

tiee said...

Anonymous said...

Oh my what a costume! You look quite intimidating,I wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of you in that pink hair! The banana man looks so cool, though I don't know why that's considered 80s? Ashley

PengPeng彬彬 said...

ashley.. i'm not sure about the bananaman.. perhaps that figure reminds them of the times during the 80s.... it was a great night :)

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