Monday, 14 September 2009

What is it going to be?

As Bea and Steve can tell you, I am the queen of unfinished projects when it comes to knitting, crochet and cross stitch. Lately, I've picked up me needle and yarn again and started making something that was on my mind. Today I'm having an off day, having worked last Friday when it was supposed to be my off day, so am enjoying a great Monday with the TV remote and my project.

Since I've never finished most of my projects and am totally embarrassed by my lack of determination, I've refused to disclose to Steve or anyone else what the project is going to be. And I keep telling people, you'll see, you'll see (or not), haha.

So people, keep watching this space and you might be lucky enough to see the end of my project with a picture of my finished product!!

Can you guess what it is??!


ash said...

It's a car cover for Fuzzer

ash said...

It's a sleeve for your remote control

ash said...

It's a funky scarf

ash said...

Are you going to tell?

Pete said...

Belt? Never tried knitting, very slow process....argggg! LOL!

PengPeng彬彬 said...

ash i've got to laugh... a car cover??? i'll die from crocheting.. haha.

pete, it's very therapeutic apparently and in the UK there are lots and lots of knitting and bitching clubs set up in the office and i don't have to tell you what these ladies get up to during lunch breaks...

anyway people, one of the reasons i never finish a project is that i am a perfectionist and i like to do and undo and redo and un-redo what i've made.. so between posting this and now, i've already done it three times... so it's still pretty much a mystery, for the time being.. haha.

Fely said...

Just don't let it be one of those tissue box covers that you see Malaysians have at the back of their cars!!! Please!! They are so horrid!!

I'm guessing a pair of mits for the coming winter. Yes?? No?? Anyway, love the colours of your wool though.


escape2 said...

you have revealed your unfinished project to the world. now is the time you finish this piece and show the world what it is too. muahahaha

PengPeng彬彬 said...

pressure pressure pressure...from escape

fely, you have no idea how those lovely wool have transformed from a half finished scarf, to the handle of a tote, to a half finished beenie hat, all because the material of the wool wasn't suitable for all those i was making... but never a tissue box (don't worry, i did that only once when i was 12 and my poor dad had to let me put it in his car so that he doesn't hurt my feelings :P )

this time round, everything is going according to plan and with a bit of luck i can finish it friday (working day and night today, tomorrow and day after) and finally reveal to the world what it is... haha.


Uncle Lee said...

Hi PengPeng, carry that stitching with you in your Designer tote bag, even on dates....ha ha.
But at least you are involved, not many girls know this.
You keep well and have a nice day, Lee.

Bea said...

hey hey!!! love the wool you are using... I can't find wool like that anywhere here!!!!! so annoying!!! not that I have time or energy to knit nowadays anyway...and hehehe.. how about giving whatever you are making to me? I love the colour of the wool!!!!

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