Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Progress so far...

I know, I know, Friday is supposed to be the grand finishing day but try as hard as I may, coming back from work each night at 10pm and toiling away, it's unlikely that it will happen Friday so I thought I'll reveal its current status, without giving away too much of what it's going to be. So you can see the progress from this poor quality pic which I snapped with my blackberry camera out of sheer laziness (I know, the modern human nature who can't be bothered with using a proper 7megapix digital cam sitting in the drawer and having to upload the pic on the pc). For those who have a thing for needle craft you can probably tell that the pattern has changed slightly from the last picture and it's now got a beautiful line texture to it (again I apologise for the poor quality) and I do not regret at all the first four times I had to re-do, un-do and re-do before I got it right.

And many have commented on the nice blend of colours. It's very soothing and I really really can't wait to finish this project and I promise to use a proper camera when taking pix of the finished product to show you guys!

Sorry Bea this one's a keeper. Perhaps if I have more yarn left after this project I'll make you something from it :) but you know me very well, don't hold your breath on it (at least I made you a scarf with flowers bah!!)

Can't wait to see you all again soon for the BIG finish day! Xx.

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ash said...

can't wait :)
and the colours' really nice

BabyMomma said...

I'm already loving the colour - now holding my breath for produce! he he...good luck and have fun dear. :)

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