Monday, 3 August 2009

Almost 10 long years ago...

It's amazing the kind of treasure you sometimes unearth when you do a bit of digging around.

I was riffling through the drawer just the other day looking for my certificates when I stumbled upon several pictures nicely tucked inside an envelope.

Crikey Blimey !!

The pictures are so old and memory of all those good ol' days some 10 years ago came flooding back...

This picture was unfortunately taken during the 'pre-digital' age so it's not so clear and the quality isn't great. But you can still see these young, happy and fresh faces of Bognor Regis very clearly, obviously enjoying a great feast while not forgetting to smile for the camera like typical Malaysians.

So we have Put the Princess from the left ~Put and I were in Miri together for a few years after MPIK and it was great getting to see her daugher and also getting to know her mum quite well (a really nice lady); Shafie ~ no comment, haha; Moi, with the tiny t-shirt that I will not be able to fit into anymore; Shaminie ~ at the moment happily married with two great kids, living in Hampshire; Fely ~ needless to say, my 'partner in crime' throughout the 6 long years of our course, a great companion, a good laugh, always ready for a giggle; Kak Yu ~ recently married, very happy for you girl; Beatrice ~ also another of my on and off 'partner in crime' who looks after me and feeds me well whenever I visit her in Reading; Munirah~ always very soft-spoken and very polite, and always with a nice smile on her face. In the background we have Maria, our Student Services Co-ordinator while we were in Bognor. And tucked away at the back, you can hardly see, is Sha, looking a bit 'hurt' I think for being excluded from the picture, haha. Oh yeah, can you see those shoes I was wearing in the picture? The biege one? Yesss... I still have them and am still wearing them. It seems that my feet are the only parts of my body which have not expanded too much, haha.

And then there's another picture I want to share with you.

This is taken during one of our stops in our round-the-UK-in-5-days-roadtrip!!

All 17 of us were working at Silverstone in Kent for the British Grand Prix, selling baguettes and picking rubbish, and sleeping like sardines in a shipping container (remember that??). And after the grand prix, six of us (yess, breaking the law the entire way by squeezing four people at the back of the car instead of three) got into a Renault and drove from London, to Birmingham, to Leeds, to Edinburgh, to Isle of Skye, back down to Edinburgh, then Blackpool, to the Lake District, past Manchester, and back to London again, all in 5 days.

So this picture was taken during our stop at Edinburgh when we were visiting Anusia and the lot. From the left we have Bea's sister's friend who tagged along; and then moi, and in front of me we have Dyanthi who cracked all sorts of funny jokes along the way; and then Anusia, in the middle, holding Bea (in a funny position, haha) and next to Anusia is Bea's sister; and next to her is our Ah Moi driver who drove us round the UK, queendrey aka Audrey.

If I remember rightly, at that time Anusia was cooking lunch for all of us. It's great to have friends all over the UK when we were here almost 10 years ago because most of our accommodation was free. We stayed with Lili and Audrey in London; and then with Bea's friend Gerard in Birmingham; and two nights I think in Edinburgh and the only place we had to pay for accommodation was at the youth hostel at The Isle of Skye!!

There is so much more that I wish to share with you and I could go on and on and on about all the things that I can remember from the good ol' Bognor days.... but for the time being, I think this will do.

Did I miss out anything that anyone would like to share ??


ash said...

i love the top bit of your blog where the picture changes all the time. Did you have to pay for Nat Geo's pictures? These pictures really brought back the memories, and within these past 2 yrs so many of us seem to have gone back for a nostalgic visit. When you guys were in Edinburgh I think we (Lian, Kamala, Noorun and I) were going around Europe or down in London watching the musicals

PengPeng彬彬 said...

yes. sadly you guys weren't around when we were there. (i think it was the round the europe trip).

No i didn't pay for the national geographic pictures that's why i have decided to use my own picture (this is a picture taken during one of our trips to abergevenny in wales) and steve took the picture which i thought was quite good.

nice to see your comments in my blog ash :)

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