Tuesday, 25 August 2009

The Sun Worshipper

I've never been someone who enjoys the sunshine. Mind you, coming from Malaysia where the midday sun is torturous rather than pleasant and the humidity envelopes you and makes you sweat like a pig, who can blame me?! So it is rather surprising that I am now finding myself acting like a typical ang moh, in my skimpy bikini (albeit the muffin top and the jelly belly), lying on the sun lounger, basking in the sunshine. The difference here is you get a constant and pleasant seabreeze which keeps you cool. And plus for some unknown reason that I have yet to figure out, when you go on a holiday people expect you to come home with a tan. The more tanned you are, the more 'successful' your holiday. So I'm 'working' really hard on that tan. What's frustrating is that at the end of each day I get quite tanned, then it peels off like snake skin! And the next day I have to start from scratch!!

At the moment I am fully exposed to the sun and it actually hurts so much that I'm tempted to abandon my mission and hide under the shade or jump straight into the pool to cool down. It's a useless cycle of trying to dry myself off to go to town coz that way I'll never be dry. How do people endure the torture of going to sunbeds once a week in order to achieve that 'holiday' look? God only knows.

For the time being, I shall flip over on me belly and get the other side of me tanned so that I don't end up looking like ebony on one side and ivory on the other. Pain pain pain.

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escape2 said...

aiyoyo..why wanna torture yourself??
when your skin peels off, i think that is already a sign of sunburn right?? do it moderately ok

PengPeng彬彬 said...

My face is black now. Half success. Yay.

Bea said...

heheh i did that in langkawi for about 30 mins one day... kononnya want to get a tan... and I peeled like mad the weeks after... so you are brave! no more sun tanning like an ang mo for me!!! ever!!!

tiee said...

i hate that peeling process too. maybe u need to do it moderately and with a good tanning lotion i suppose.

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