Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Turned down by the bus

When people say that a particular experience has made them 'grow as a person', what do they actually mean? Are there other experiences out there that will make you 'grow as a bear', or a 'gorilla' or a 'cat', or possibly a 'dog'? A witch or wizard would be nice...

I know, I'm in one of those nasty moods today, in fact these past few days. The fact that I was bought a new laptop for my birthday by the wonderful bf did not stop me from being sarcastic, horrible and grumpy towards him. Bless his cotton... for putting up with me. I blame PPMS (Pre and Post menstrual symptoms, so that pretty much covers the whole time).

So yesterday I cycled to work because I had a physiotherapy session at 3.30pm, which means I had to get away from work at 3.15pm and make my way quickly down to the health centre, and one way to do that is by bicyle. So it was all good on the way there coz it was downhill all the way, so i went 'weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee' all the way down. But then came the time to make my journey to Westbourne for my 5pm shift at Marks and Spencer and I can just picture those three massive hills that I have to overcome. Did I not mention in my previous post about damn steep roads in the UK? Plus I really hate turning up at work hot and sweaty and out of breath. So I made the decision to take the bus. I know. It sounds silly now but it was perfectly justifiable in my condition (honestly). So I thought, you can take a dog up the bus, you can take a massive baby pram (I mean really massive like a bull dozer with all kinds of compartments up, down, left, right and centre) I thought a bicycle should be okay? Besides, it's a double-decker bus, surely they have enough space?! NOPE. The bus came, I flagged it, the driver shook his head, and even had the courtesey to open his doors and shouted 'No other buses would take you with that, so you're gonna have to cycle'. Gee thanks.

So begrudgingly I started my cycle journey to Westbourne and by the time I had arrived, because it was such a hot sunny day I was panting like a dog (unfit) and sweating like a pig (if pigs sweat).... and had only 5 minutes to rest before I had to change into my uniform and start work at 5pm. And when I told my most justified bus story to colleagues, they laughed at me (how dare they) and one of them said 'You don't take cars on the train, do you?' Well in fact some people do !!! On the Euro tunnel !!! Hmph !!

I can just imagine people on the bus as well as the driver cackling away and thinking to themselves 'bloody foreigners, they haven't got a clue, have they?'

Ah well, I still think it's perfectly justifiable to take the bus, with a bicycle !!


Miss Mathew said...
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Miss Mathew said...

Shoot! I didnt mean to click at the delete icon! I was sayin... PPMS??!! I hv tht too!!! I tot I'm the only 1 wth the POST symptom!! Yeah! We r normal Peng!!! :)

Fely said...

Kasihan this Miss Peng. Just think of the benefits in the future, cycling will make you physically fit!
I haven't had any PMS since I was pregnant with Nia cos I only had 3 periods before I was pregnant again with Garth. And now, Garth is almost 6 months, I still haven't had any periods yet...I LOVE IT!! PMS is just controls you from the outside in. When I do have my periods, God save Nick and the kids!

tiee said...

but isnt PMS great? So we have something to put the blame on..haha..just joking. i agree with u peng. they should let u in. i dont understand why the driver didnt. but cycling is good too. maybe u can cycle a lil' bit early so u can rest before u change into your uniforms. :-)

aniq said...

ha ha...seriously peng - if I drove the bus I won't take ur bike in! ha ha ha
Sorry, but you crack me up. Anyway, must be the PMS swinging - yeah, do u know that when u get preggy whatever and however you were during PMS tripple its effect? Well, my PMS is more on the melancholic side - so I was like aloof and cry for no reason-kind the first 3 months. Well, is that worst that blaring with tantrums? ha ha...go figure.
Hey..take it easy yeah. :)

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