Monday, 10 August 2009

A foody weekend

So I came back from Edinburgh this morning on a 7.20am flight and until now am still thinking of the nice and wonderful array of food I had over the weekend.

After the terrible 'Tigerlily' experience in that posh restaurant on Friday night, we decided the following night we would cook something ourselves and have a nice evening in. Yours truly, is quite an invalid at the moment, suffering from a foot condition called 'Plantar Fasciitis.' Basically, it's tissue damage to the right heel and I can't walk very fast or very far and have to take it easy (hence, the new shoes and all that). So we did lots of walking on Friday, and also on the Saturday day time, so by the time we made our way back to the flat on Saturday evening from Princess Street, I was limping (ding happily called me 'disabled'). My foot was aching and throbbing, but the best thing about it was that because of that, I didn't have to get involved with dinner preparation. In fact, I was being served quite well, water being brought to me, food being brought to me on demand and I was beginning to think I should perhaps move to Edinburgh permanently, haha !! So when dinner of wonton noodles with wonton, chinese mushroom and pak choi was served to me, I couldn't help but take a picture of it because it was absolutely delicious and scrumptious !!

This was then followed by more greengages, and nectarines and cherries.

Oh I forgot to mention, we went for sushi on Saturday afternoon, and I had eel with rice for the first time and it was absolutely delish. And ding ordered Dark Dragon Roll, also with eel and they weren't bad either. Got picture to show you.

The green bit on top is avocado with a dollop of mayo and teeny tiny roe. Sushi is actually quite filling. Ding and I shared a portion of eel and rice, and also a portion of this dark dragon roll, which is about 4 pieces each and we were stuffed.

It was a shame that although I was there for the beginning of the famous Fringe Festival of Edinburgh, I didn't get to see any parade or shows. To be fair, we did browse through the catalogue and almost went to see a dance show but we didn't in the end because foot was killing me was raining, the perfect excuse to stay indoors and watch movies, back to back.

Anyhooo, overall it was a fantastic weekend and not only did I get to catch up with my mate ding, I made new friends as well that I hope to see again quite soon.

Oh yeah, I've got a picture of me blogging from my friend's new netbook as well, what a biatch (Fely that goes to you too, haha).

Can you see the touchpad? There's an up-down arrow on the touchpad that allows you to scroll up and down the screen easily and it's a really, really handy feature on a touchpad.

Hmmmmmmm...... (do I really need one though?)


Fely said...

I like how you never capitalised your friend's name but you did it for the sushi's name! HAhahahahaha! What is the make of her netbook? Looks very nice (but not as nice as mine)
No wearing heels miss smarty pants!! They'll make your feet worse. Nia's boyfriend's mum has the same condition as you so she's forever wearing 'special' shoes. xxx

PengPeng彬彬 said...

hahah nia's bf konon.... bless her cotton candy !!

yeah it is memang troublesome and these days i pakai tengok heels already i sakit, not to mention wearing them. I am always wearing trainers so can't wear skirts. terrible.

haha my friend's name no need capital larr...what for? :P

her netbook is samsung e1100 or something, i didn't pay attention, hehe.

how are you enjoying yours? noiceeee?

Fely said...

Oh yes! Still has 9hrs 20mns of battery life...muahahahahahha!

ash said...

i checked out 3 diff netbooks, 1 toshiba, 1 hp and 1 fujitsu, and they all only have 2.5 hr batt life. how come?
btw peng peng you need to throw vanity out the window and NOT EVER wear heels. one of my friends has this prob and she said she has to wear a special thing in her shoe (only the right one though) ALL the time. hope it's not hurting so much right now

PengPeng彬彬 said...

it's amazing how many people are actually suffering from this. it can be a pain in the bum sometimes because you're visiting a place and not able to explore it and you feel like a burden to other people. i am now nicknamed 'hop-along'.. it's terribly painful when you take the first step from sitting down a long time; so you sometimes don't know whether to sit or to stand. both agony :P

sports like badminton and pretty things like heels are definitely out of the window. i don't have special padding but i wear my trainers (with cushioned insoles) all the time and am going to physiotherapy every fortnight, not helping though :(


ash, i looked at netbooks in the shops as well, there are only two models which do long battery life, asus like the one fely has and the other one is samsung, e1100, like the one my friend has, i think.

PengPeng彬彬 said...

sorry i should add, the affordable models with long battery life... obviously i didn't even bother looking at a mac coz we all know why...

Bea said...

what exactly is this condition like? does it look bad or is it just a feeling that's really uncomfortable and hurts?

escape2 said...

i have plantar faciitis for more than 3 years already. it will never go away so you have to learn to live with it.
i wear my trainers to school students see me in sports shoes and think i lurve sports sooo much.
i also went to get a special insole to put inside my trainers. it costs me rm499 just for the leather insoles ah.
your physio should tell you some exercises you can do with your foot to strengthen your sole muscles.
say goodbye to your heels dear. you should only wear it for special occasion.
welcome to the club.

PengPeng彬彬 said...

escape, i don't even bother going into shoe shops these days *sigh*

yes am doing the stretching exercise.

bea, basically it hurts every step you take (the feeling is as if somebody's jabbing a sharp object onto the bottom of your heel and it gets progressively worse if you walk more and not sit down. but then when you sit down, and when you first get up and put your foot down, it's very painful to a point where your leg might give way and collapse. that sums it but there are other things to it as well.

Miss Mathew said...

Hey gurl! I was abt to ask u to talk to escape abt the sole thingy..hehe! Ya lor, longer bat hours=moreexpensive ;) I got my hp mini in Jan ths yr...d Asus & samsung netbook blum kluar I thnk at tht time...another u really need 1??? hehe! btw, YES PLS!!!!I wud luv em'journals :)))))

escape2 said...

eh do you have insoles at both shoes?? you better have to balance things up. you dun want one leg to be shorter than the other

PengPeng彬彬 said...

haha. i don't have insoles. i only wear trainers. you think it's better to get insoles? so marhuan.

escape2 said...

yes you should get the insole. they have special one for plantar faciitis. go and ask your therapist. it helps reduce the stiffness

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