Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Travel essentials

One of the things that we always and definitely pack for a holiday is a good book, and it has to be a page turner, other wise you're stuck with a boring book for the entire holiday. When we were at our first stop in Turkey, a small and beautiful riverside town called Dalaman, we stayed in a hotel owned by the parents of a coursemate I befriended in Uni of So'ton. There was a bookshelf at the reception area where you see stacks and stacks of English novels left behind by people who have finished reading them. Anyone is welcome to take any book that they fancy reading. And then when we arrived at the Elvina apartment, again there was a bookshelf full of books that people can help themselves to. We soon realised that even if we had forgotten to pack a book, there was plenty to choose from here. Reading, is one of life's greatest pleasures and a good habit to inculcate. And the best thing about it is that because it is such a wonderful book and you'd want to share it with others, you don't mind leaving it behind for others to enjoy. Either that or it's someone who was making room for duty free alcohol and ciggies to take home and had to sacrifice their books.

Today, we were relaxing at the Kalamar Beach Club and EVERYONE lounging on a sunbed has a book to read. Upon close inspection of the different kinds of books that people were reading, Steve and I came to the conclusion that the ultimate read of this summer has to be the Twilight saga. Especially among groups of teenagers, one would be reading Twilight, the other New Moon, and the other Breaking dawn, and these would then be swapped around I suppose. As for moi, I am reading the new book by Stepehie Meyer, 'the host' which was one of my birthday presents and I must say that although the reviews for it were still good, it is not Twilight and there was no 'Edward Cullen' in it.

Oh did I mention that as a joke, Steve got me an Edward Cullen 'Kent' doll as a birthday present? The man does have some funny sense of humour :P

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tiee said...

wow..great.i must go there one of these days. keep saying that, maybe it'll come true. :-) it's been a while since i bought myself a novel to read. I think in Malaysia, specially in Sabah, good novels are very expensive. As though the govt is not encouraging its people to read. huh...

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