Sunday, 26 July 2009

Don't be rude.

My work can be shitty sometimes.

Sadly, some people seem to think that because you end up working in a supermarket as a check-out girl you do not deserve any basic respect or kindness.

There are people who come through the till without even looking at you or saying 'thank you' after you have packed their shopping for them because they are busy talking on the phone.

There are people who are too busy chatting amongst themselves and forget that they are being served by a human and not a machine.

There are people who complain to you because they cannot find a specific item that they want to buy and seem to think that you own the store.

There are people who become impatient just because you did not hear them correctly the first time and they had to repeat themselves loudly, with hand gestures, and assume you have trouble understanding their language.

There are people who give you a funny look just because they have to wait slightly longer in a queue due to technical errors with the till.

So, next time you are at a supermarket, be nice, because sometimes it does take a lot of effort to be friendly and happy at the till.


tiee said...

Oh yea...thanks for reminding. but most of the time i did smile at the cashier and said my 'tq'. But, in malaysia or in sabah to be precise some of them are very annoying. Some didnt even bother to smile back. hmmm...

PengPeng彬彬 said...

yeah i know what you mean, like muka tembam kan? haha. but i do try my best, to smile and say hello to everyone who comes to my till :)

have a nice week ahead tie and keep blogging !!

aniq said...

well...being courteous in Malaysia especially KL is hard these days. While ur trying hard to practice the values ur Mama teaches you...other people is insanely rude! That said, I always try to be friendly to salesperson- it doesn't hurt really. U could actually get their employee discounts if ur nice and they kesian at you. I guess it's easier in UK where people are trained with manners. It's a rude awakening when u find a mat salleh without reminds u of the ah bengs and rempits in KL! ha ha ha

PengPeng彬彬 said...

aniq, sadly, not all mat sallehs these days have the courtesy and quality that the older generation have been brought up in. so the UK today can sometimes be intimidating with people who are too easily provoked into committing acts of violence.

Bea said...

Tiee is right.. I can't remember how many times I've told cashiers off in KK about how rude they are..even my gentle sister have told them off!!!

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