Friday, 31 July 2009

In which, I managed to pass my driving test (sorry fely, copy-cat your trademark)

YESSSSSSSSS I am an official holder of a British Driving Licence !!!

It was the most tensed 40 minutes I have gone through in a while.

I still cannot believe that I am sitting here writing this post gloating about my recent 'success' !!

So I woke up early this morning and started going over all the different maneuvers in my head, all the tips and pointers to look out for when doing a reverse into a road, a reverse park behind a car and a three-point-turn on the road. I have all the mental markers in my head to make sure I remember all the right places and timing to turn the wheel once, or turn the wheel full lock or to straighten the wheels.

At 9am, my driving instructor Simon picked me up and we set off for some practice rounds before the test.

So as how I dreaded, all the 'MAGIC' moves from the previous lesson when no mistake was made had disappeared!! We did two practices in reverse parking and I touched the curb both times and had to re-do them!! (Sending beads of sweat, cold sweat, mind, down my forehead)

Then Mr.Simon patiently said, never mind, let's go do some reversing into the road. Aha, that i'm good at! So, off we went, in search of a corner I could reverse along into a road. And I had to re-do that as well!!! By this time, I was near to bursting into tears...

But Mr.Simon, being a good ol driving instructor (by the way, his number is 07711312881, if you're looking for a driving instructor around this area, he's really good) said to me in a calm, reassuring voice, "That's fine. It's not a problem. As long as you can demonstrate that you're a confident driver, everything will be fine."

With that in mind, I set off for my test with the tester sitting beside me.

Along the way, EVERYBODY was out to get me !! This postman was cycling erratically on the road and I had to swerve to avoid him; this granny decided to cross the road when I was approaching; and there were so many hills, steep hills and people kept popping out of their cars without looking !!! I did the reverse park alright, I guess (not brilliant) .. and I managed the reverse into a road without any hitch.. but my gear changing was AWFUL, AWFUL, AWFUL !! Like I said, there were so many hilllsss (damn all the steep roads in the UK).

Half an hour into the test, I was convinced I had failed. I misunderstood his instructions twice, indicating to turn when it wasn't time to turn yet (DOH); and at more than one point I wasn't sure if the speed limit was 30mph or 40mph, so I stuck to 35 (which is not very clever at all). Yes, I was told by Mr. Simon during practice, that you can strike a minor fault if you're going slower than the required speed limit (So I had this mental image of running everyone and everything down so that I can maintain the speed limit required).

Anyhoooo, back to the test scenario. I had sweat pouring down my back and from my forehead down my nose (Yes it was a beautiful sunny and glorious day).. and I looked at the clock and saw 10.54am, and thought to myself, surely, this test must be coming to an end now !! So after a few turns and a few more steep and bumpy roads, we turned round this corner and walahhh we were back at the test centre with Mr. Simon waiting faithfully by the side of the road (trying not to look disappointed or worried).

Then the tester said to me, " Right, Miss Peng, we have now completed the test (duh) and I can tell you that you have passed the test."....... Really?? Serious???? You're joking !!??


So it turned out that I had 11 minor faults (16 and I would have failed)... and sure enough, I got two strokes for gear changing (damn steep roads in the UK), a stroke here and there for reverse parking, and reverse into the road (I thought I did all right?!)... etc. Never mind, the important thing was, I passed !!

There we go, 6 months and approximately £350 later, I finally got my British Driving Licence !! Hoooray !!!

I am one step closer to my Fiat 500 !!!


Fely said...

By the way, don't you mean 'trademark'? tut tut English teacher. lol!

PengPeng彬彬 said...

hahah, yeah. aisay. i correct now. haha

PengPeng彬彬 said...

in all fairness, I am no longer an English teacher :P

Fely said...

Eh, i posted u a comment b4 this one. Where's it gone to? It said, Congrats!! Now get that car and drive down here. XXX

PengPeng彬彬 said...

i will get there, no matter what car i'm driving (chances are, it might be a nissan micra, haha)

escape2 said...

just go to the fiat now. dun wait

Audrey and Martin Wiles said...

hey congrats woman!!! soooo proud of u.. you've come a long way since i let u drive on the country roads of scotland (not to be attempted ever again!!!) hehe j/k!

PengPeng彬彬 said...

audrey yesss indeed.. no more of those 'stunts'... i almost forgot that (you won't let me, will you?)

Miss Mathew said...

Peng!!! CONGRATZ!!!! hurry hurry!! get ur car!

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