Sunday, 5 July 2009

One of my random travel stories

Doria said she's keen to read about my travel stories so here it is. I remember one particularly interesting one...

Since our flight back to the UK departed from Singapore, we decided to stay one night in Singapore and get a bite-size taster of Singapoean food and lifestyle. So the quickest way to do this we decided was to visit Little India and China town. Not sure if there's such a thing as Malay town but we didn't have time for it anyway because arriving at Singapore at 9am, we managed to have a swim in the hotel pool (Steve insisted), explore Little India, have lunch at Chinatown, have dessert and some rest in a mall near the hotel and visit the Night Safari !! All crammed into one day...

So while we were in Little India, it was nice to see familiar shops selling garlands, accessories, punjabi suits, saris and all sorts. One particular stall that caught my attention was a lady sitting at a desk drawing some henna patterns on a customer's left arm. I was very intrigued and stood there watching. And Steve said to me, 'Why don't you try it?'. And I started getting really excited about it and the next thing I know, I am sat at the desk and the nice lady has started creating patterns on the back of my left arm. Steve even managed to take a short video of it and it looked fascinating how she was drawing the patterns while she's chatting away to nearby friends.

(unfortunately the video refused to load even after the 100th attempt so i've given up for now but i shall try again in future)

And the picture below shows the finished product. Very very nice!!

Of course after that I had to 'protect' my hand and avoid from bumping into people in the crowd in order to 'preserve' the longevity of the henna on my hand. And when it finally dried a few hours later, the top crust came off, leaving behind a light brown/orange henna pattern on my hand which lasted for almost a week and each time I looked at it, it reminded me of my really nice holiday :)


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