Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Fiat 500

This is my dream car !!

If money wasn't an issue, as in, if I had a full-time permanent job with a stable income, this will definitely be my next car. It's got such a chic, cool and smooth design meant for girlie girls! Not every one likes it though. Some people liken it to a giant egg with wheels. Egg or no egg, I love it and every time I see one on the road I can't help myself but drool over it.

Check out the inside !! Nice kan? *Wiping off drool*

But, I think when the time comes for me to get a car because I desperately need one, it would be a ten-year-old second hand car from the auction site, either a Peugeot, a Nissan, or an old Ford KA, because that is all I can afford.

I have been taking driving lessons recently to prepare for my test. You would think that with close to 15 years of driving experience, it should be a doddle to pass this test. You and I, are sorely wrong. I have accumulated 15 long years of bad driving habits and they were very, very bad habits. It didn't help that my driving instructor, Simon (who charges me 40pounds per lesson of 2 hours), told me that the UK driving test is the world's second most difficult test to pass in the world. Geez, thanks for making me even more nervous now. Dah la I pay him 40 pounds each lesson, and not to mention 60 pounds for the test itself. If I fail this Friday, I can kiss goodbye to 60 pounds and rebook a test and wait for another 6 weeks before there is a free slot for a test date.

Anywayyyyyy, I had another lesson today. Three reverse parking in a roll, no mistake made. Three reversing into a corner in a roll, no mistake made. Three three-point-turns, no mistake made. So, fingers crossed, I shall be ready to pass my test come this Friday.

Am not nervous, am not nervous, am not nervous.....


Bea said...

This is the cheapo version of the Volkswagen Beetle...what wouldn't I give to have a light green beetle!

PengPeng彬彬 said...

Well, i wouldn't exactly call it cheap. it's almost the same price as a VW Beetle, around 13K for a convertible Fiat 500. I think I still prefer this to a beetle, somehow.. my Fiat 500.... ahhhh *dream dream dream*

Miss Mathew said...


tiee said...

So cute...dreams can come true you know. But,first, get your licence! Good luck.

Fely said...

Ah, I remember those days when I can go round in a small car. Now, we might have to get a people carrier!

PengPeng彬彬 said...

i know what you mean by a people carrier, not easy to fit the whole kit and kaboodle of baby related things into a tiny car. my neighbour has a baby girl and she's already changed car three times looking for the right sort of 'people carrier'.

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