Sunday, 5 July 2009

Random thoughts and updates

I figured it's been too long i have not updated my blog so i had to write something.. anything. So i've decided to go with just random, out-of-order happenings to date.

This morning i woke up with a start, thinking that it was Monday and that I was VERY late for work (i know, very sad). I glanced over to my bedside table and was assured to read 'Sunday', 8.53am on the screen of my Blackberry. Phew.

Had a lazy morning lying in bed and reading. Rang my mum and was told the parcel i had sent for Father's Day almost three weeks ago still hasn't arrived. Hmmm perhaps it wasn't such a good idea to include my used mobile phone in the parcel for my mum... maybe an even worse idea to label the parcel 'toy' when clearly, a mobile phone isn't a toy and whoever is going to open it for custom check will realise that too. SIGH never mind... let's hope it will turn up soon.

Was out hanging the laundry this morning and was pleasantly surprise to catch a glimpse of the 6 Red Arrows planes flying past in a formation of a triangle, perhaps rehearsing for the upcoming Bournemouth Airshow. It's a shame the show always takes place at a time I am not able to catch it. It's definitely an exhilarating and exciting experience and Fely can tell you that for sure as she's just been to one not long ago up on Biggins Hill in Greater London.

Have been suffering from a funny form of rash since last Sunday. We were having a bbq last Sunday and steve's dad decided to set up a hammock from a box that has been lying around in the garden for two years. So as soon as it was set up, I laid myself down on the hammock without thinking twice and that night, I started itching on the face and developed swollen lips that lasted till the next day. Since then i've been having an on and off rash that looks like hundreds and thousands of mosquitoes have bit me at the same time. The most bizarre thing is they go away as quickly as they come. Weird.

Can a person truly survive on virtual friendship... ie through fb and not ever meeting physically? I think so. I have been pleasantly surprised many times now on fb, the amount of support and love we all give each other on fb. I know it sounds sad (VERY SAD) when i check on fb and smile at the comments that my friends give me, and feel assured at the support my friends give me, and coo and ooo at the pictures my friends posted. Like Betty and Viola mentioned, they never really got to know the REAL me during the MPIK years (perhaps it's not such a bad thing, beatrice might tell you, haha)... And I used to think, yeahh I should have paid more effort in getting to know more people, people like Betty, Viola, Cherry, and even Ashley coz they are all so sweet (in their own way, of course)... but lately I thought to myself, we are creating deeper and more meaning friendships now, each and everyone of us. And the fact that we have known each other (at any level at all) and know what we are like, makes it so much easier to strengthen that foundation we already had.

However, what makes me sad sometimes is how people who used to be close to us before, now find that they have no time for us even through the convenience of fb or the great Internet simply because they devote their whole being to the newest part of their lives. I guess you can't blame them, but I wouldn't give anything up for I have now on fb, with friends that i never knew i had before :)


tiee said...

thanks peng. but back then in mpik we were too busy with our own close friends. just wondering, who were u with most of the time all those years? sorry, i've never really paid attention. :P

and that parcel thing, y did u put in ur used hp? U know m'sia, some things go missing. i did once, being very stupid and naive. the parcel never reached my mum's hands safely. some missing things. i hope ur parcel will arrive soon and intact.

PengPeng said...

well betty i guess i had 'faith' in the postmen :P my mum wanted my old hp so i said i'd give it to her ... i can claim insurance if the parcel goes missing (not much, only 30 pounds) but it's a pain to have to do that coz i had other things like pictures and fridge magnet as well which i really wanted my mum to get.. ah well never mind...

in MPIK i was mostly hanging out with fely, beatrice, kamala, lian, lily.. i know you were with viola all the time and also fely and the other sabahans :)

eugene said...

dont stop blogging, it is very therapeutic,you know. vending our frustration in words, and finding people that we dont even know but sharing our same sentiments and thoughts and sometimes encouraging words coming from a stanger or two from cyberspace can be very nice

firt time here

take care,drop by my post, leave a comment or two ,good or bad ,doenst matter

Miss Mathew said...

I once sent 10 quid to my late dad as father's day gift whn we were still in UK, & he got them (but he never changed thm to RM..hehe!)I'm positive d parcel will get to ur mum :) I actually spent a weekend at ur hse in Sungai Petani, remember? So nice of ur parents to bring me jalan2 to Penang too :)

PengPeng said...

Miss Mathew, you are absolutely right !! My mum got the parcel last Saturday and I was so relief !! And of course i remembered those good old days when i had you over at my house and e went sight-seeing in Penang !! Those were great days !! Thanks for being part of it.

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