Monday, 27 July 2009

The 'Widget' Lingo

I am officially obsessed with 'widgets'.

This evening I was sat at the laptop (as if I don't get enough of sitting in front of the computer at work), tweaking my blog layout with all kinds of magical widgets obtained online. And I was animatedly describing each function of different widgets to the other half and he mildly entertained me but in his head I know he's thinking -- Mad woman.

My current world is surrounded by people who love blogging and people who love reading others' blogs. I am one of the most faithful members of that club, and I love it.

This afternoon I bugged Bea -- Oh go home and write something in your blog !!

Yes, I am THAT obsessed.

What is it about blogging that makes people go on, and on, and on tirelessly, sharing their lives, their thoughts and their wonderful and precious life-changing moments?

What is so great about being able to read about what your friends, or even some random strangers, are doing or getting into, half way across the world?

What drives people to want to make their blogs look pretty, with all kinds of little gadgets and cutesy-wutesy pictures and applications?

One of life's greatest mysteries that me and my blogging pals can relate to quite easily !!

For those of you who are looking to change the layout of their blogs with attractive and free templates, check this out. It's brilliant.

And for those of you who would like to preserve your current template but would like to add bits and pieces of widgets, this is a great site. It's so easy to follow.

Good luck and have fun !!


Fely said...

You are a confirmed nerd! I still love you! X

PengPeng彬彬 said...

...says the nerd who inspired me to all this... :P love you too. haha.

tiee said...

wow...i will try them. thanks..

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